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Year: 2012

Easter Bunny Coming to NoCo

I have been super quiet all week, because I didn’t want to say anything, but today is the big day. Today is the day I become the favorite child. I kid, but I think I do rise quite a bit, in my parents eyes. You see I have been plotting with my brother’s girlfriend who is going to be picking ….


A Good Friday

Success! Pure and utter success! My flight was a little bumpy coming in, (it always is flying into Portland!) and I hate it! Ce le vie though. It was hysterical because my brother’s GF had a sign waiting for me. And what was more was we had both dyed/changed our hair! Oh that is right Small Town Asanas, I am ….

To Finally Love Yourself

My trip has truly been interesting and extremely refreshing, not going to lie. I am truly reminded and blessed and happy to be where I am. Saturday night was beautiful as always (the candles are my favorites part…and no it has nothing to do with playing with the candles as a kid…to much) Afterwards I spent it with my madre, ….

Sit Breathe Observing Silently

I feel like a cloud has lifted. Which I am finding happens with anniversaries. Unfortunately with that cloud has also come a crash course in having to get my observing hours in. Seriously between my slump With Jacquie’s birthday and going home for Easter I have been really naughty about getting my hours in! Not good. Not good either is ….

Happy Birthday Sugar

I have the best friends seriously. My one friend (who has been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement) picked me up at the airport. Sweetest thing ever! Then for the last couple of days I have been depressed. Not in an I hate myself way, because NH pretty much confirmed I am on the right track. But in an ….

You Unimaginable Bastard

I almost forgot in the openness and healing on the church steps (yes mom, it was a Catholic church!) I forgot about the fabulousness that was Titanic in 3D! It was superb and I hate 3D movies. Seriously. I feel like it takes away form the movie, but this was amazing! And it began with my friend and I sneaking ….

Am I Strong Enough?

As exciting as I am about moving here to the concrete jungle, with the approach of the eighteenth month anniversary in less then a week, Easter and then my sister’s birthday it has been hard. Not going to lie. As much joy as I have been feeling it has also been dampened by the fact that I can’t share it ….

April Fool Surprises

Sooooo This week is the week of surprises! For the last week or so I have been plotting! Do not worry they are good plots. Make me feel better exquisite plots! And the first one was surprising my big sis! Her birthday was Saturday (yes peeps she was almost a joke!) And because I had class I couldn’t spend the ….

NYC YA Book Festival

I know I have been horrible about blogging, but I have been learning a lot about writing and books and being inspired to not just writing a blog, but also getting back into my own literary genius of a mind (and when I say literary genius, I mean of the devious, romance, perhaps mystery, oh so sassy, smart quipped book ….

The Arms of an Angel

Having the second day of class on Saint Patty’s day is either a good thing or a very bad idea. While everyone is getting drunk, decked out in green (though I will say I did rock my green todayJ, and running the streets of this fantastic city, we are all inside a yoga studio turned classroom, cleansing our minds at ….