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Month: March 2012

April Fool Surprises

Sooooo This week is the week of surprises! For the last week or so I have been plotting! Do not worry they are good plots. Make me feel better exquisite plots! And the first one was surprising my big sis! Her birthday was Saturday (yes peeps she was almost a joke!) And because I had class I couldn’t spend the ….


NYC YA Book Festival

I know I have been horrible about blogging, but I have been learning a lot about writing and books and being inspired to not just writing a blog, but also getting back into my own literary genius of a mind (and when I say literary genius, I mean of the devious, romance, perhaps mystery, oh so sassy, smart quipped book ….

The Arms of an Angel

Having the second day of class on Saint Patty’s day is either a good thing or a very bad idea. While everyone is getting drunk, decked out in green (though I will say I did rock my green todayJ, and running the streets of this fantastic city, we are all inside a yoga studio turned classroom, cleansing our minds at ….

Classes Classes Du Jour

One of the important things about yoga, about being a yoga teacher, is practice. Whether it is your own practice in the comfort of your apartment, or practice as in going to class every day. You have to practice! And as a yogi teacher in training, we really have to practice. Not only so we can keep in shape, but ….

Anatomy on Speed

Second week of classes and I am already failing in the blog department! After three days of intense learning about the human body, muscles, 206 bones (of which I am at 203 due to bones being removed out of my foot…but that is another story!) and of course our wonderful adipose and fascia (fat and skin for you none anatomy ….

Sutra’s Not Sex

The thing about yoga is, it isn’t just about breathing, or meditation, or doing asanas. It isn’t about lulu lemon, or how many Sun salutation A’s and B’s you can do. It is a way of life. You will hear it from me, time and time again. You will hear it from every yogi that practices. You will read it ….


Many people say it is one incredible journey, But I don’t think you can ever fully comprehend until you actually go through it. And tonight I started that journey. And it has already been a rollercoaster of emotion. We began introductions of each other and those in our Kula. Which for non-yogis out there, it is a word for community. ….

Cherish the Journey

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. A quote that I have heard almost all my life. Who said it, I don’t know. But I know tonight starts that journey. It’s starts something that will be physical, spiritual, and emotional. This isn’t just about school. Or learning a new trade. It is about learning about yourselves and who you are ….