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Month: April 2012

Easter Bunny Coming to NoCo

I have been super quiet all week, because I didn’t want to say anything, but today is the big day. Today is the day I become the favorite child. I kid, but I think I do rise quite a bit, in my parents eyes. You see I have been plotting with my brother’s girlfriend who is going to be picking ….


A Good Friday

Success! Pure and utter success! My flight was a little bumpy coming in, (it always is flying into Portland!) and I hate it! Ce le vie though. It was hysterical because my brother’s GF had a sign waiting for me. And what was more was we had both dyed/changed our hair! Oh that is right Small Town Asanas, I am ….

To Finally Love Yourself

My trip has truly been interesting and extremely refreshing, not going to lie. I am truly reminded and blessed and happy to be where I am. Saturday night was beautiful as always (the candles are my favorites part…and no it has nothing to do with playing with the candles as a kid…to much) Afterwards I spent it with my madre, ….

Sit Breathe Observing Silently

I feel like a cloud has lifted. Which I am finding happens with anniversaries. Unfortunately with that cloud has also come a crash course in having to get my observing hours in. Seriously between my slump With Jacquie’s birthday and going home for Easter I have been really naughty about getting my hours in! Not good. Not good either is ….

Happy Birthday Sugar

I have the best friends seriously. My one friend (who has been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement) picked me up at the airport. Sweetest thing ever! Then for the last couple of days I have been depressed. Not in an I hate myself way, because NH pretty much confirmed I am on the right track. But in an ….

You Unimaginable Bastard

I almost forgot in the openness and healing on the church steps (yes mom, it was a Catholic church!) I forgot about the fabulousness that was Titanic in 3D! It was superb and I hate 3D movies. Seriously. I feel like it takes away form the movie, but this was amazing! And it began with my friend and I sneaking ….

Am I Strong Enough?

As exciting as I am about moving here to the concrete jungle, with the approach of the eighteenth month anniversary in less then a week, Easter and then my sister’s birthday it has been hard. Not going to lie. As much joy as I have been feeling it has also been dampened by the fact that I can’t share it ….