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Month: June 2013

Aging vulnerabilities and Happy Birthdays

I have never been one of those people who have had an issue with aging. I can hear your laughing in disbelief, but it is true. You might think so. Especially since I live in a city that takes great pride in appearance and youthful exuberance. Where there are just as many Sephoras’ and other cosmetic stores as there are ….

Perfecting the Imperfections

I have written about this a lot. In my journals, poetry, words to get out, to help me heal, personally in private. I have debated a lot about whether or not to post this, I have debated with myself that to post this is to open myself up in a way that for a long time I haven’t been able ….

Country Girl meets City Slicker

Sometimes I wondered why I moved here, don’t get me wrong. I love it, every time I walk past Louis, or the plaza, eat at another orgasmic tasting restaurant, or practice yoga in the park I say a silent thank you to the gods above for letting me live here. But let’s be honest there are some very nasty aspects ….

Aging the Journey

Another year. Another age, do I feel older? Well from yesterday? Uh no. Sorry. I see the crestfallen faces. No twenty-three does not feel different from twenty-two, give it some time people it has only been sixty -eight hours* Isn’t it funny how people automatically assume these transformations? Transformations don’t just happen. You can decide they happen, but it doesn’t ….