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Month: March 2016


It started with a text which prompted an impromptu dinner coffee date, and ended with me drooling about this fabulous place. A place nestled between Nice and the Amalfi coast. I had met a friend for a long over due coffee date at our mutual love of Maison Kayser. As a fellow coffee lover, yogi, and all around artist – ….



I was excited for my Disaster! date. And yes I am joking. It was not a “disaster,” Far from it, but I wouldn’t want to make this Fifty Shades (Ahem totally kidding Mom and Dad) so alas I will keep this Disney rated. I digress, the show I went to last night was called “Disaster!” The musical, and while they ….

Running Meditation

The early hours of dawn glisten with light. I mumble and grumble because as much as I am a morning person, I am still not fit for human contact. My feet slip into my Asics like a cozy slipper, and I put my earbuds in and hit play. I am ready for battle. I set out down the quiet city ….

The Mermaid’s Song

I stand on a cliff at the edge of the world. The sea salty wind whips my hair, Bringing the tastes of the earth to my lips. As I try to hold on to grains of sand Slipping between my fingers, grasping, struggling to hold on. To memories, to life. I don’t know. Only the sea does. Dolphins jump and ….

Just Do It

The hardest part of yoga, is getting on your mat. Almost every teacher I have come into contact with, as well as practitioner say that, myself included. It isn’t the level two three classes or the heated hundred degree room. It isn’t even remembering to breathe (though that is a close second) it is getting there. You might think really? ….

Sunday Brain Power

Writing is not a matter of choice. Writers have to write. It is somehow in their temperament, in the blood, in tradition. ~ N. Scott Momaday   Sundays aren’t just for God. They are for writing too. Obviously I am being facetious. But after a Friday night and Saturday, Sundays are the perfect day to begin again. Why wait for ….

Maine Made

I love unique, locally made things. The stories behind the product. The passion and yes, even the blood sweat and tears the maker had to endure to get their goods out into the world inspires me. Like with anything artistic, whether it be a writer, a jeweler, or a bag designer, their are hundreds and thousands of nos, amongst that ….

The Magic of Outdoor Ice

Being in Boston the other week, I was saddened to see all the rinks closing. I know, I know, it means spring is close, and I am ecstatic about that. I am. I just wish the rinks were open year round. There is literally nothing like an outdoor rink. Growing up in New Hampshire, the local indoor rink wasn’t even ….