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Month: March 2016

Gaze Up, Up, Up

I was walking with a client about two years ago, when she paused and told me to look up. I had no idea what she was talking about. But I stopped and did what she said. As we gazed up at the tops of apartment buildings with shrubbery on the decks. The ornate cascades that framed the sides of the ….


Don’t Want to Grow Up

Their are times like today, where I wish I could be a little kid again, where the biggest catastrophe was cutting to much hair off the heads of my American Girl Dolls. Or how I was going to make more then seven monies from my father, so I could buy another princess figurine from the Disney Store. It is ironic ….

Anthro’s Anonymous

You have probably noticed that I have a huge problem. A gigantic problem. Time to intervene problem. This is bigger then being a coffee or martini junkie. I am an Anthro Addict. What is an Anthro Addict you might ask? Well Anthro is what Anthropologie calls their rewards members. And what groupies call Anthropologie for short. Example A “Hey Kristine ….

What DO I Wear!?!? Kitschy Kimono Love Edition

My style is very definitely BoHo. It has been from the time I was a teenager. I still remember my knitted ponchos from Limited Two (remember Limited Two?) So when Kimonos made a comeback last year, I died and went to Kimono heaven. Now I am not talking about the Silk Kimonos ah la Disney’s Mulan. Those are traditional Japanese ….

What DO I Wear!?!? Happy Hat Head Edition

I am a self professed hat junkie. Hats are a girls best friend. They are perfect for bad hair days. Lazy days, or just because you want to feel like Marlene Dietrich. Hats give a bit of glamour as well as anonymity. Hats are perfect for the beach not just to cover your wet, salty stringy locks, but also shield ….

Make a Haven not a Hoarder

When I first moved to the city, I worked as a dog walker. Trust me whatever you are imagining right now, multiply it by ten and it was that outrageous! One of the clients lived in the famed Dakota building (if you haven’t heard of it, John Lennon use to live there, and his wife still does.) million dollars, many ….