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Month: May 2016

Never Compromise Who You Are

I was at a wedding, when a guy I was tentatively dating – I say tentatively because it wasn’t official, nor did it ever become official- sent me a text saying only trashy girls post pictures of themselves drinking. I was shocked and appalled. In no way was it a trashy picture. I wasn’t naked. In fact nuns show more ….


Travel Etiquette

I travel a lot. Mostly by public transportation. Train, air, and at times car if I take lots of dramamine. Since I tend to travel with the masses, the gaul and schnoz the some people have tends to amaze me. Many times I have to clamp down on my pedestrian rage and just shake my head. There seems to be ….

Two Weddings and a Birthday!

And our way Is on the road again Just can’t wait to get on the road again The life I love is makin’ music with my friends ~ Willie Nelson Willie Nelson’s song on the Road Again could be my anthem. Or maybe it should be air and tracks? I am sitting at JFK in Terminal five waiting to fly back ….

You Are Smart, Not Weak

As I prepare for another wanderlusting adventure, I was struck by food poisoning Monday night. I am recovering, but I am not the most patient patient. (Pun intended) Most of my doctors will comment about how stoic I am. They will give me knowing looks when I am in their offices, and shake their heads when I meekly say, it is ….

A Beacon in the Waves

 “A holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns; they only shine.” ~ D.L. Moody I have seen a lot of Light houses in my time. Living near the coast you can’t help but become familiar with these oddly shaped structures. Resembling a turret from a castle, I picture a mermaid version of Repunzel trapped in one, her ….

The Architecture of an Outfit

I get asked a lot about fashion, from asking where I bought a certain piece, to being asked for style advice. Friends, family, even strangers will come up to me, inquiring about fashion. Today I will share my secret to how I build an outfit. Are you ready? Paper in hand? Bookmark in place? The key to my (hopefully) being chic and stylish, ….

My P.S.A. for Summer

We have all seen the signs, heard the public service announcements:  Wear sunscreen to protect against skin cancer, or bug spray to protect myself against West Nile and now Zika. but what about those tiny disgusting bugs known as ticks? What about Lyme Disease? Growing up in New Hampshire, I knew their was always a possibility. Sure I had found ticks after hiking ….

Oasis In The Concrete Jungle

I had a friend who visited not to long ago and she asked what my favorite part of the city is. The first thing that came to mind was Bryant Park It is one of those hidden treasures that if you know where to seek, ye shall find. And if you don’t, but happen upon, it is magical. Nestled uponst skyscrapers ….

A Fashionista’s Must-Have Sweater

I was in Boston doing a little Mother’s Day shopping with my sister-in-law when I stopped at Lulu. As a member of their R & D program, I get a discount, which can cause more danger to my bank account, then it actually saves. I am obsessed with their Wander Under leggings (and no they aren’t see through at least ….