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Month: June 2016

Greenport Shopping

Moment of truth: Beach town shopping can be a tad tacky. Gaudy prints, bathing suits galore. way over priced products and materials you know are going to disintegrate upon first wash. (even on the delicate cycle.) I must say I was happily surprised about the shopping in Greenport. It had all the couture of the Hamptons. Being just two hours ….


What Happens in Greenport stays in Greenport

Let me first begin this with, I survived! Secondly, let me state I can never show my face in Greenport again – joking…Kinda To say it was a fun weekend, would be a huge understatement. Having never been to Greenport before, I had no idea what to expect. It is touted as the less prentenious, cheaper alternative of the Hamptons. They ….

I don’t Wanna!

A teacher and friend use to say “we detox to retox.” Her words were running through my head, as I dragged my butt to hot class last night. After an insanely fun, but crazy weekend in which I realized I am way to old for that shit, I needed to sweat. The thing was, I didn’t really want too. In the ….

Fashionably Four Eyes

“I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out.” ~ Steven Wright I was in first grade, having seen blurred blobs on the board where my vocabulary words were suppose to be for months. I shrugged my shoulders, I got up so I could get closer never thinking – and definitely not seeing – a thing ….

Happy Healthy Glowing Skin

“When you feel good, you look good. And vice versa: When you look good, you feel good.” ~ Christie Brinkley Skincare is incredibly important to me. I have got to protect my money making mug after all! I wish I was that girl who could stop eating sugar or dairy and voila! Like magic, my face clears up. Alas my ….

Write, Write, Write Every Day

“Writing is really very easy. Tap a vein and bleed onto the page. Everything else is just technical.” ~ Derrick Jensen I have been writing since I was out of diapers. Chicken scratch with stick people turning into scribbles, finally turning into something, albeit briefly, legible. Ideas, journaling, leading to essays and novels. I write every day, even if it ….

Wanderlusting in Greenport

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” ~  John F. Kennedy I won’t serenade you with Willie Nelson again. Actually I think Beach Boys is much more fitting anywho. Nope, I am doing what the thousands ….

Oh My Achy, Breaky, Back

My back and shoulders could be considered the bang of my existence. I know I am all about self-love and loving your body for what it is, but my back just needs to take an attitude adjustment or a hike. Whichever fixes it first. I say this all in just kind of. If I was being conceited I would say ….

The Beauty of Differing Opinions

And I think both the left and the right should celebrate people who have different opinions, and disagree with them, and argue with them, and differ with them, but don’t just try to shut them up. ~ Roger Ebert In the last few days, after months of seeing “I am deleting anyone who is a supporter of: Insert politicians name ….

Obsessed With Obsessories

Bracelet: Lighthouse Studios // Ring: Anthropologie // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs  Obsessories. I recently got an email from a clothing store about obsessories. I got to say It has a nice ring to it. What girl isn’t obsessed with accessories? I know I am. An accessory can make or break an outfit. A statement necklace is the line in the sand ….