Fashionably Four Eyes

“I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out.” ~ Steven Wright

I was in first grade, having seen blurred blobs on the board where my vocabulary words were suppose to be for months. I shrugged my shoulders, I got up so I could get closer never thinking – and definitely not seeing – a thing out of place, dreaming of Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children in my six year old mind.

This went on for weeks, until a routine visit to the doctor, had my primary care doing an eye check where I discovered I needed glasses. My big sister and my dad wore them all the time and the rest of my family had them as well.

I thought cool, and picked out a pair of spotted blue spectacles. At six years old, I didn’t have a love hate relationship, I was innocent to the cruelty of kids, and the woes of fashion and glasses being “uncool.”



That quickly changed as I got older and my eye sight continuously got worse. Every few months, new thicker lenses. I even had to wear them when  I skated which was a trial and tribulation attempting to spin and and jump with them on.

At eleven years old, I cried uncle and exclaimed, “No more!” I begged my parents for contacts which they acquiesced, and shoved my glasses into the bowels of my night stand happily saying, “Buh-bye!”

For the next ten years, I happily forgot I was technically four eyes, surprising even close friends when they discovered I was blind as a bat without my contacts.

Literally, I was. Unfortunately when I arrived in my twenties, and the passage of old age upon me, my eyes needed a desperate break from wearing contacts.

Lamenting donning thick lenses again, I was pleasantly surprised when in the era of technology, glasses had also been improved, along with cooler more fashionable lenses.

Trying on frames, I actually had a difficult time deciding on which ones I wanted and finally settled on a pair by Kate Spade.

I may have had to be four eyes again, but at least I would be styling!

I am still not entirely comfortable wearing my glasses. But I don’t hate them uas much as I use too.


Are you a glasses or contacts kind of person?