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Month: July 2016

The Vortex of a Scale’s Unmoving Numbers

“I used to be that crazy person that was strict about what I did and didn’t eat. I was so diligent with exercise. And as soon as I stopped thinking about it, I lost weight. I wasn’t stressing about it. The balance and relaxing is what’s really helped me.” ~ Phoebe Tonkin I don’t own a scale. I use too. ….


The Art of a Good Under Pinning

“Who needs a handbag? I put my money in my bra.” ~ Neneh Cherry    Under pinings (I love that old fashioned word) Get a raw rap. Whether it is bras, spanx, or underwear, it is a subject that can be considered taboo. Yet, our under garments are probably the most important things we put on. While we can’t see ….

Raise Your Glass to National Lipstick Day!

“I always have to have my lipstick. Sometimes I have more than one shade: start with one color for the morning, one for night. Sometimes I have a couple shades just in case I need something more powerful for the day.” ~ L’Wren Scott Thanks to social media it seems the world celebrates daily ostentatious and outrageous objects. While I ….

My Pal Fred: Getting on that Saddle

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” ~ Pam Brown When my friend asked if I wanted to go horseback riding I immediately said yes. Then I thought about it, and some chosen expletives began floating through my head. I have ….

Bucket Lists

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru Bucket lists can have anything from sky diving or other action packed adrenaline, but fear inducing escapades to traveling to different places amongst ….

The Satirical Stereotypes of a Writer

“Writing a novel is a terrible experience, during which the hair often falls out and the teeth decay.” ~ Flannery O’Connor “Oh how glamorous,” People say. “You will be the next J.K. Rowling!” They exclaim. “It must be so nice to stay at home in your pajamas,” They wistfully stare at me. Well excuse moi, while I let out a ….

A lil Peplum Pep

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” ~ Rachel Zoe First let me begin by saying I always want to pronounce it, like the vegetable pea as opposed to pep as in your step. While I have always loved the word, and the fun you can have with it. I have always admired this ….

Act of God: A Review

What I am about to say might sound sacreligeous to theater goers butttt: I am not a fan of plays. Gasps! What? Did I really just say that? Alas it is true! For me a theatre experiences isn’t a theatre experience without music and dancing and basically what Broadway represents. (Les Miz, Phantom, of the old crown and Hamilton, Finding ….

Marketing One’s Self as a Writer

“Going viral is not an outcome; it’s a happening. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t. Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity.” ~ Lori Taylor A couple years back, a friend and fledgling author was shopping her book around. She was told The following which she then proceeded to share with me, cause well sharing is caring and when ….