The Anti-Social Shopper


One of the first things I got when I moved to the city was, “You must shop a ton!”

Actually nope. I do not. First and foremost a thing called rent and food come first, especially when I first moved there and was living on soup and shitty coffee and my apartment was a hell hole. It was not the “Welcome to New York” that T-Swift sings about. But it was a right of passage that I would not have changed, but am so happy that is a part of my past.

Even when things did mellow out, and I became more financially stable, shopping had no appeal to me. Having come from the mountains where the closest mall is an hour and a half away, internet shopping was my friend.

It still is.

I am not a huge fan of crowds. I know it is an oxymoron living in the city. But it is true. I really don’t.

And I hate them when I am shopping. It makes it harder to browse and decide if I like something. Trying on clothes is already off putting, and having to wait for a dressing room just makes me say “No, thank you.”

So despite having Fifth Avenue, I have stuck to my internet shopping addiction. It is easy, accessible, and I can do it in my pajamas sitting in bed. A major win-win.

Most online retailers have done away with shipping costs, making it half dozen of one or the other whether you go into the store or wait for it to ship. Which is the only down side to it. But then living in a society that is filled with instant gratification, a little waiting does us all some good.

There are times that I do appreciate shopping in an actual store, especially if I am with friends and we are just having fun. If I am not looking for any particular product and it isn;t Christmas time it can be fun, and I generally still have my insanity. I do adore the windows of Bloomingdales and Bergdorfs and love waling past them daily admiring the fashion. Unfortunately the internet doesn’t have that.

Yet, for everything else I definitely prefer shopping the internet. The only thing I have to worry about, is my wallet as the shopping cart beckons to me.

Which do you prefer, shopping online or in an actual store?