Golden Sunrise, Exploring the Golden City: Day Two

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu 


Day two was equally magical if not perhaps channeling our slight inner insanity, as we chose to wake up before the sun, hopping on a bus just outside my aunt’s apartment to take us to the Golden Gate Bridge.


The last time I was there, I had run an unofficial half marathon with my sister, and before that I had walked it, both times had been shrouded in fog, reminding me of something out of a horror movie.


Not this morning. To one side we could see the sun rising from where we had just come bathing the city it in it’s golden light and on the other, standing majestically against already clear blue sky, stood the Golden Gate Bridge.


I realized as we began walking over it, that I had really never experienced it on a clear day. I was truly giddy, as we walked, pausing at look outs to not just take pictures but taking in the views which were truly spectacular. With sights of Alcatraz, downtown San Francisco which seemed to have a rain cloud above it, and even a glimpse of the Bay Bridge in the far foreground, words do not even begin to describe what a magnificent morning it was (truly, cue “Good Morning, Good Day” lyrics)


With the exception of bicyclists, Sarah and I were the only (crazy) ones on the bridge at that hour, but it was so incredibly worth the lack of sleep, to be able to witness, not just the peace and quiet, but the incredible beauty, and awe inducing amazingness of the bridge.


After we completed the three mile walk (in heels!) we continued to explore the park for a little bit, before popping into the gift shop for my signature sweatshirt and perusing racks for gifts for family and friends. We then hopped back on the bus to take us back towards North Beach.


Craving coffee -actually just Peet’s- we made our way to the newly opened location on Polk Street where we snagged a table and were able to charge our phones (which were dying from the overzealousness of pictures) and ourselves before we walked the few blocks back to my aunts.


Looking at the time we were amazed that it was only eleven. It felt so much later, but then we had been up since four!


We had discussed going to Sausalito that day, but not wanting to rush, due to ferry times, Sarah and I decided to walk our way through San Francisco doing some of the more touristy sites.


Making our way past Ghardelli to Anchorage Square, we stopped so I could finally get a picture next to the anchor. We then proceeded to walk along Fisherman’s Wharf and saying hello to the seals at pier 39 before beginning the hike to the crookedest street in the world: A one block section atop Lombard Street.




I admit, I might have been hyping it up to my friend. The last time I had been here, I was extremely awestruck of the cars driving down this one way zig-zagging hill which has eight (Eight!) hairpin turns. Can you believe it was deliberately built his way to reduce speeding because the hill is so steep? And it is! As truck after mini van after suburban drove down that crazy street, my friend and I hiked up it, More then getting in our workout for the day!



As we made our way down the backside, Sarah and I couldn’t get over the steepness of some of the streets and the fact that people not only drive, but also park on them. Pretty sure this breaks are getting a work-out!

Having walked and explored for hours we had worked up quite the appetite and made our way to the Italian neighborhood in San Francisco for some fabulous Chicago style pizza.


Oh. Em. Gee. Is all I can say. Actually I said it a lot during the whole trip.


Sarah and I realized after our trip there are some things we will never say again…Until our next wanderlusting adventure.


We walked into Capo’s a small Italian restaurant that fit every inch of its name. While it’s name and patrons might be a little circumspect the food….

Oh the food!


They had a thin crust pizza that was gluten free. Sarah and I decided to split that and a salad in an attempt to be some what healthy. While the salad was delicious, the pizza…. THAT was a work of culinary art.

We selected the Farmer’s Pie which is topped with mozzarella, provolone, goat cheese, white sharp cheddar, sausage, bacon, arugula, pappadews, and the showstopper to end all taste bud delights, two poached eggs that they broke open for us and mixed around. While it sounds like a lot, it was a party in my mouth. The flavors worked incredibly well together leaving me wanting more. It was so good, that Sarah and I were literally dreaming about it for days.


Actually I am still dreaming about it.

Fat and extremely happy, we made our way back to my aunts where we crashed for the night ready for a mermaid adventure, I had only been dreaming about for months!