What DO I Wear?!?! The Trend Alert

“I’ve said this so many times, but I keep coming back to this: Trends come and go. Own them and make them your own. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way just to be trendy.” ~ Nina Garcia


With Spring trying to spring and at times failing miserably for those of us who live in the North East, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. On top of weather changes, it can be difficult to dress appropriately, while still killing it in the fashion not frump department.


Thus on a recent trip to New England which just happened to still have feet deep Snow Banks AND eighty degree weather (you sure know how to play the mind games Mother Nature) I put together a look that incorporates trends that are have gone from cooler temps to toasty warm ones and are still on fleet as the young’uns say…I think.

The Over All Look

While I try to stay not just fresh but up to date with my wardrobe, certain trends I ignore until the right moment hits. Some trends I am running to even before they are popular (hello bare shoulders) while other’s I run away from as fast as I can (denim on denim)


This look is a blend of some I have been wearing loud and proud before they were popular and others I am slowly making my way too, having found ways to incorporate them into MY style. Because while designers market trends, we OWN them. We as the consumer decide whether or not they are worth spending our money on. And it is us who can design them and make them from trendy to something that screams us and our style.


I went for a casual look that incorporated several current trends that are popular for the season including booties, the bralette, and an open backed shirt. Along or together these trends are versatile. Like with most things in my wardrobe, you can dress this look up, down and put your own spin on it with one or all of these pieces. It is a outfit that can take you from morning coffee or a Casual Friday work day to drinks out at a bar.

Open Backed Shirt

Open Backed, cold shoulder, and cut-outs are the name of the shirt game this season. You walk into any store and you will find a wide variety of styles. Another trend, is the bralette often paired with an open-backed or cut out shirt.


This pull over is actually part of a yoga line by Tanya-B that I decided to take from the mat into the street. Versatile in its own right, layered as a sweatshirt or worn just as a shirt, the material is super soft and at once both casual or perfect for a night out. Building on the bralette AND cut-out trends, I paired it with a pink lace bralette from Free People, to add some femininity as well as a pop of color to the  otherwise neutral palette of this outfit.

Jeans and Booties

If you read my blog you know how much I have both coveted and loathed the ankle boot trend as a height challenged person. Closed toed boots do NOT look good on me and make my legs look short…But cut out peep toed booties are another story!


// Shirt: Tanya-B // Bralette: Free People // Jeans: White House Black Market // Scarf: Lord and taylor // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs // Booties: Nordstrom // 

Adding pizazz and dimension, these booties I bought years ago at Nordstrom are the perfect way to spring and summer-ize a winter trend. It might seem silly, that a cut out bootie would really make that much of a difference, but it does adding length to my otherwise short legs. Paired with ripped jeans which I cuffed, I went from winter to summer in no time!


I kept my accessories simple, adding a plaid scarf from Lord and Taylor, a pink sea glass necklace from SeaMilligan Designs which matched the color of my bralette, and some gold jewelry keeping with the muted neutral tones. I also kept my make-up simple forgoing my staple red for a nude lip and smokey eyes.


What do you think of the look or any of the trends for this Spring?