Struck with the Creeping Crud and the Sunshine Blogger Award

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Creeping Crud

Apparently I spoke to soon, because no sooner was I caught up with everything, (and ready to kick butt at finals) I get struck with the creeping crud. Which let me tell you, flying home last Tuesday was a raging party…Definitely in my head…Actually I think a UFC fight was going on up there.

I have flown with my share of sinus and ear infections and I always vow never again. It is it’s own special kind of torture. If you ever need to know my bank account, social security info or what I got you for Christmas, just fly with me sick and I will sing like a canary. (though canaries will probably sing better then I do!)

Of course I always end up flying with sinus and ear infections, so I guess I am just a glutton for punishment.

Thus while people were celebrating Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, I was recuperating from a double whammy of a sinus and ear infection. While I was being an amazing patient (Translation worse then a child) I did tell my Mom and boyfriend (who is a doctor and sadly had to put up with my sick self) that aside from the Noro virus in February, I have escaped most of the sickness that most of my friends have gotten. Which is a great sign, since it was only a year and a half ago that I began my recovery from Lyme and is proof my immune system has regained its super woman like powers! Yay!

While recovery has been slow, and I have been a “Terrific” patient, (my man is definitely shaking his head at that one) my weekend was spent in bed. Yes dear readers, not only did I spend a weekend in the city, I also did absolutely NOTHING…Unless you call sleeping, binge watching the final season of Black Sails and wanting to die.

While thankfully I am on the mend, I am now preparing for finals (ahhhh cue nail biting)   as well as a month of insanely busy travel. (though really what else is new?)

At least I can take staying up way to late to watch play-off hockey off my list. Alas the Ranger’s fell in Game Six a couple days ago…And yes I am still in hockey mourning!


Sunshine Blogger Award

I did have an amazing surprise by the one and only Kali over at Ink On My Hands who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much Kali! If you haven’t read her blog you want to head over there and do it now. Not only is she a sweetheart, but she also has incredible style and knows how to thrift shop like no ones business. If you are looking for cool, fun, fashion and to save money in the process, her blog is the place to find it. She is incredibly passionate and a great writer to boot! I loved answering her questions.

Without further ado:

1. IF YOU WERE A CHARACTER IN A BOOK, WHO WOULD IT BE? Ahhh this is sooo hard. Nancy Drew, Mia Thermopolis, OR to be a total cliche Hermione Granger. These characters literally helped me grow-up and were there through my most primitive years. They kept me company when high school drama and bullying made me feel alone.

2. WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE TO WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT FOREVER OR THE SAME MAKEUP FOREVER? Definitely the same make-up, because I generally do anyway. As long as I have my red lipstick I am good to go!

3. IF IT COULD ONLY BE ONE SEASON, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PICK? Summer! I am a mermaid at heart and as long as I am in the sunshine, and by a beach I will be one very happy beach bum!

4. COFFEE OR TEA? Coffee!!! I am a serious coffee connoisseur. It is kind of embarrassing how much I love it.

5. WHAT’S YOUR DREAM PROFESSION? A mermaid….I mean people really do, do that. I see the Instagram posts!

6. WHAT’S SOMETHING THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU? I am very observant. I literally see everything to the point I sometimes wish I didn’t.

7. IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN YOUR LIFE AND CHANGE ONE THING, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Nothing. Every step has brought me to the path that I am on. While some of it has really REALLY sucked, everything does happen for a reason.

8. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEM AS A KID? Oh God I am going to be dating myself. Not sure if this counts, but jelly sandals. Seriously they were amazing! The moment they stopped being cool, I cried because my mom was unable to get them anymore. They put crocs to shame!

9. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEM NOW? Oh this is a hard one. I am going to say (and again stretching the rules a bit) but my Free People Lace Bralettes. They are sooo comfortable and I can wear them as a top, or underneath an open backed shirt. Seriously obsessed! I own them in about ten colors!

10. WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGERS? Their are to many to name, but my nominees are definitely some of my favorites, as well as have become great friends!

11. IF YOU COULD CHANGE YOUR NAME, WHAT WOULD YOU PICK? Veronica…. Kidding. In a way I have changed it because I go by nicknames since my full name just brings up memories of terror when my parents use to yell it the “Few” times I got in trouble because you know I was an angel….. but I digress.

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the questions.

As your own questions.

Nominate eleven fellow bloggers (I am only doing five)

My nominees:

Nida at ShopaholicsBlog

Sarah at Life with Lil Red

Mack at Mack Marie

Jenny at Sit Back and Just Live

Danni at A Beautiful Thing

Question Time:

1) The most important question: How do you take your coffee (Or tea)?

2) What are you most excited about this Summer?

3) How did you pick your blog name?

4) What is a television show you are currently obsessed with?

5) lipstick or lip gloss (or none)?

6) what is one place you would sell your soul to visit or to go back too?

7) What is a fashion trend you are obsessed with this season?

8) What is your song for summer?

9) What is one thing, that always makes you smile?

10) Morning or evening person?

11) What is your favorite sport to watch or play? (and yes shopping DOES count 😉

Congrats to the nominees. If you haven’t read their blogs, please head over and check them out. Their blogs always make my day and I know they will make yours with their witty upbeat writing.

Thanks again to Kali for nominating me!

I hope you guys are all having a great week!