All The Purples

“I’m blonde and bad.: ~ Ivana Milicevic

Two of my best friends love purple. It feels like it is all around me. I admit I don’t hate it, but give me blue or green any day. I admit when my hair dresser told me to use purple shampoo in between colors, I might have inwardly freaked. And I trust her! She has been doing my hair since I was in diapers. She has NEVER EVER steered me wrong….BUT PURPLE SHAMPOO?


What the Eff am I doing to my hair?

She gave me the Milkshake silver and purple shampoo, I gingerly took it, and then proceeded to glare at it as it sat on my shelf. Beckoning for me to use it, but scared I was going to turn into Kelly Osbourne….I am already pushing thirty, I do NOT need to look the part!

In theory I understood what the purple shampoo does. It mutes the brassiness in blonde and grey hair keeping its cooler color as fellas letting you go longer between color treatments (unless you are like I am and abhor roots!) As with most hair color it is all chemistry.


In recent years the purple shampoo has been having its heyday from the aforementioned Milkshake to even Lush jumping on the purple bandwagon.

As I stood in my shower, I decided to try it. I poured it into my and the thick very definitely purple consistency  reminded me of something out of an alien movie.

Yet I lathered it into my hair and very quickly rinsed it. My hair dresser had told me I could leave it on for a few minutes but I was to scared too.


In fact after I conditioned my hair and got out of the shower, I threw my hair into a towel petrified to actually look at it for sure I now resembled the purple minion.


When I finally gathered courage to look I was shocked that my hair was not purple. If anything it really did look like I had just gotten it done. Not only was a crisis averted, I was officially sold on the purple shampoo.

The brands

I have tried numerous ones since, even using purple conditioners. Some like Dry Bar are absolutely amazing. I would literally sell my soul for them. Other’s like the Aveda line are just uhhh.


“My Milkshake brings all the boys to the floor…”

Sorry could not resist. EVERY TIME I use a Milkshake product it reminds me of that song. Milkshake was the first one I tried and the one that most hair dressers seem to love. And I do love it. While it doesn’t lather very well and reminds me a bit of alien blood, the deep purple does a great job of not just cleansing hair but removing the brassiness.



I have not used the shampoo, but I have tried the conditioner and it was just Uhhh. Not sure if it is because it is a conditioner, but the color is much more muted, more of a purple grey, then a true purple vibrancy of Milkshake’s. The smell, while true to Aveda is very earthy and hard to handle at times. It really did not do anything for my blonde tresses, not in regards to color nor in regards to conditioning.


Dry Bar

Yes I have a love affair with Dry Bar. It is true. But I was hesitant about their purple shampoo. While they had used it on me when I got blowouts, the truth is even if I use the same exact products the salon uses, my hair and texture never EVER turn out like it does if they do it…Until now.


I actually used this right before a photo shoot and oh. My. Lanta! Once again they have created a winning product. I used both the shampoo and conditioner, and my hair was so soft, manageable, and frizz free.

Not to mention the smell!


Not only does it lather very well, which surprised me, the texture while similar to Milkshakes, I felt cleaned my hair much better and after using the conditioner I didn’t feel like I had to use my moroccan oil. Sold!

Some Tricks

Now blue shampoo can be messy, and it does stain. So make sure you wash your hands and the shower stall really well or someone might think you had an alien massacre.

You can leave it on for five minutes, which I have started doing, and my hair has come out perfect every time.

Some times it will leave a blue tint in your hair but I find if I use a conditioner afterwards, it instantly goes away.

Have you used purple shampoo? What do you think of it?