What Do I Wear: Mix, Match, and Recycle

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” ~ Carolina Herrera 


Being a fashionista isn’t equivalent to having the lastest and greatest. Who has the time or money to replace their wardrobe EVERY season? With the summer season here you can breathe life into what you already have. Taking pieces from previous What Do I Wear Posts I used staple items to reimagine a chic summer outift you can wear exploring new  places, to the beach, or maybe just a chic Italian restaurant.


While dresses are difficult to style in different ways, skirts and shirts are easy to mix and match, creating new versatile looks, that won’t automatically be accused of being a re-wearer! Not that it matters because hello Kate Middelton does it!


Embroidered Blouse

This blouse made its first appearance in my FIRST (but not last!) guest post on Life With Lil Red. It is one of my favorite pieces I own, and I have no problem recycling it! Which I do probably once a week. While it has embroidered flower details, I rock this blouse all year long. It is the perfect layering piece and you know how this girl loves to layer! I can pair it with jeans, or as I styled it for this post, with a skirt. It is perfect if you want to go casual or add bit of class and the high collar neckline adds a certain pizazz which I love.



Ahhh I Fan-girlled over this skirt in a column just a few weeks ago. Having bought it at the end of the summer season last year, I wasn’t able to rock it until this past spring. But lord have I been rocking it now! This is another versatile piece that you can dress up or down with. Not to mention that SLIT! Hello!


Denim Jacket

Prepare yourself because you will see this jacket in a lot of posts. In fact I dedicated a whole What DO I Wear?!?! Column to this beauty. And if you follow me on Instagram (you know you want too!) you will see it a lot on there. As someone who gets cold easily, especially when places feel the need to go all Antarctic with their air conditioning during the summer, I always have a jacket handy and in more instances then not, This is the jacket I have on hand. The perfect summer (and Spring and Fall) staple.



During the summer (and pretty much year round) I tend to stick with my nautical influenced jewelry. A necklace from SeaMilligan Designs, in this case a blush pink piece, that I had custom designed with Catherine. As well as my Lighthouse Studio Design cuff made from a lobster gauge. I usually stick with threaded earrings and hoops, keeping it simple.


I also have my Tory Burch sunglasses which I really need to give some love to one of these days. Even on cloudy days I rock them, because I do not want to make my eye sight any worse then it already is. (And believe me it is BAD!) The blush tone makes it go with pretty much anything and it is a perfect match for my pink sea glass necklace.


Last but not least, I rock my Reefs. I literally live in these flip-flops all summer. Ad while retail price they can be pretty expensive, I buy mine either from Amazon OR DSW where I can get them under twenty dollars. It is so worth it, since they even live up to NYC sidewalks which is no mean feat!



The Look

While I was admittedly cautious pairing the shirt with the skirt, I love how it came together and created a whole other look much different from the original outfits I had styled. In many ways it was a chicer posher look, then the outfits before, showing I could dress them up or down. While I might be guilty of being a recycle – re-wearer, I love the versatility that pieces like these bring.

What do you think of the look? Which one do you like better? How do you restyle clothes?