Back to MDI I Go…

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


This past weekend, I traveled the 155 miles from my hometown in New Hampshire up to Mount Desert Island to see my Mertwin, Tiffany. I had literally been looking forward to this trip from the moment we had planned it before I left the last time. Some Island Time with my best friend? It didn’t get any better then that!



The last time I visited I flew and I can honestly say I like that better. It isn’t that the drive was bad. On the contrary having met my friend in Bangor, it was just under three hours. But with speed limits of seventy it was a white knuckling road trip.


I HATE driving. Even if it means I get to go to my happy places, I honest to God deplore it. As I have gotten older, those feelings have only intensified. I do NOT drive in New York, so admittedly I am not use to it. Their is also another deeply rooted psychological reason to driving for me, and that is because of what happened to my sister. People are crazy, and if I can avoid it, I prefer to stick to trains, planes, and NOY automobiles.


Personal reasons aside, and with coffee in hand, the drive really was pretty easy and did not seem long at all. Though I was elated when I reached Bangor.



I met Tiffany at Timber which I am only just obsessed with. Seriously, I didn’t think it would be possible, but it was even better then I remembered!


After snagging a couple pictures outside, we went inside and ended up sitting at what I think has become the TiffKat (Katany?) table…. because not only did we sit there the last time, but also best friends need a celeb name.



I loved the blueberry-cilantro martini I had gotten the last time, but with an extensive, yet eclectic drink menu, I had to try something else.


I got the rhubarb collins, which was equally as good if not better! Tiffany settled on a special martini that had strawberries in it and was equally yummy.


When I say you can not go wrong here, I really mean it!



Like last time, we decided to share a flatbread. Trying something different, we settled on the Woodsman. And because we are Mertwins, we exchanged the mushrooms, for caramelized onions since neither of us is a huge mushroom fan. (asTiffany said, “It is a fungus!” See why I love her?) It was delicious! And once again I failed in my blogger duties to get a decent picture. We may have devoured it in minutes!


Happy Endings

After Timber, we dropped off my car in a Park and Ride lot for the weekend, and drove to a bar with an auspicious name. (In my defense I AM a romance novelist…What can I say?) While the name had a double entendre, it actually had a more fairy tale like setting then anything else, with phrases from fairy tales written on the walls.


While they serve actual meals, they are known for their tapas and drinks.

Martinis and Fondue

I admit I am a bit of a chocolate martini snob which I promise I will share the reason to that soon! Just know I am pretty darn picky. They offered a wide selection of desert spirits many in martini form. Which if you know this gal, you know one of the ways to my heart is through a wide stemmed martini glass!


I settled on their signature Happy Endings martini which had honey roasted infused vodka, dark chocolate liquor, baileys, and was garnished with a chocolate rim and Reeses cups.


Oh my lanta! Words do not do it justice. While it does not beat my favorite chocolate espresso martini, it came pretty darn close.


Tiffany and I got fondue to share, and it was a perfect, sweet way to end the evening before we drove the hour to her house just outside MDI.


How was your weekend? Do you have a favorite restaurant or drink?