Sunrise on the South Shore

“The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.” ~ Ram Charan


The South Shore


Every year I travel down (or up depending which direction I am coming from) to the South Shore in Massachusetts spending a few days at my Sister-in-law’s parent’s beach house. (It is a mouthful I know!) It has become an annual trip of sorts. A weekend escape where we take a ferry ride to the Harbor Islands, hang out on the deck just steps from the beach, and go for runs at World’s End. In many ways it is a mermaid’s paradise, and I love these visits with my brother, S-I-L and their children.


The South Shore, nicknamed the Irish Riviera due to the huge concentration of Irish-Americans, is a region situated between Boston and Cape Cod. Every town is located by a body of water, either Boston Harbor, or the Atlantic. It has a rich history dating back pre-revolution, and the architecture is a charming mix of colonial, and beach town.



Humarock is a small village that is considered part of Scituate, despite breaking off due to the shifting of the North River during the Portland Gale of 1898 and essentially becoming an island.


While there is some debate about what constitutes as an island (case in point my contention with MDI and it’s bridge) and whether Humarock could be considered one or not, the only way to get to the beach town is by boat off of Scituate or a small bridge from Marshfield.


Perhaps it is because of it’s “Almost Island” status, but Humarock embodies the New England beach town vibe to the absolute fullest! From the architecture, to the little shops, to the boats in the harbor, everywhere you look it is utterly picturesque.



With the beach house located feet away from the rocky shores, I had made plans to get up and see the sunrise. While it should be made illegal to get up at that time, it was well worth it!


I woke up at five and almost panicked when I saw how light it was. Sunrise wasn’t until five thirty, yet because of the endless horizon, colors were already painting the sky vibrant hues long before the sun decided to grace us with his presence.


I have seen many a sunrise, I have never seen one as spectacular as this one. There was nothing and no one around, except for the sea gulls flying around welcoming the dawning light.


It was like being  in another world one, I would have loved to relive again and again, but also the reason that it makes it so special. While the sun always rises, each day is different, shifting a little to the West or the East, maybe a little dimmer or brighter depending on weather.


That morning was utterly perfect, which is a word I do not throw around often. The formation of the sun, watching as it began to play peek-a-boo until it rose to it’s full glory, the quietness of humans yet to go about their day, the chatter of nature, of the birds frolicking in the sky, the sound of the waves crashing into the shore in a gentle, soothing welcome.


It made my mermaid heart so incredibly joyful.


Have you ever gotten up for Sunrise?