What DO I Wear?!?! Spring Layers

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs

Finding The Perfect Spring Layers

I always find transitioning Winter to Spring much more difficult then Summer to Fall. For one, it is much easier to add layers, then to take them off when it starts to get chilly. Spring takes a lot more foresight which despite being a type A planner, when you are rushing out the door and gone all day, or traveling it can make it quite difficult to play the “Am I dressed correctly?” game. Trying to judge Mother Nature’s temperamental moods is no easy feat.


It is why I preach that layers are a girl’s best friend, even if finding the right ones can seem daunting at times. (did I mention Mother Nature’s temperamental mood swings?) I typically stick to leggings and sleeveless shirts which I then layer (oh, do I layer) with sweaters, jackets, and scarves.


This whole Spring has been one big temperature rollercoaster all up and down the East Coast. When I was in Charleston the weather would be ridiculously cold in the mornings and evenings, but would warm up quite a bit during the day. I packed endless amounts of layers, (my poor suitcase!) because I was so unsure of what I would get.


The Jacket

I found this jacket at Anthropologie and fell in love with it! The salmon color makes it perfect for the Spring and Summer and while it is heavy enough for a Spring jacket, despite its’ faux leather look it has a lighter cotton feel which I love.



When I travelled to Charleston, I decided to style everything around this one piece. (Thus why it was in pretty much every single picture) And when I went to DC this past week, I decided to do the same. This jacket is such a great staple and layering piece.


It also is very versatile, making it perfect to transition from day to night.


As I have mentioned before leggings are my go to, especially during the Spring. Before anyone asks, they ARE pants…with the appropriate length shirt of course.


My Lulus are such a staple, not just in the yoga room, but also day to day, because they are thicker then most other leggings. They also are not so heavy that if I rock jeans with boots I am sweating my derriere off.


Appropriate Length Top 

Because I wear leggings so much, I always look for shirts that maybe are not quite tunic length, but are certainly longer.


I bought this shirt two seasons ago at Nordstrom Rack, and am obsessed. It is the perfect length to wear with leggings, but it isn’t so long I can not rock it with jeans. I love the mandarin collar. And the long tied back is stunning for that extra pizazz, I am always looking for. With the silk material, it isn’t just the perfect layering shirt, but also versatile in the fact I can take it form day to night which is always important to me, especially when traveling. 0FCF184B-CC9A-4E27-A4E4-00F1A98F93A8



I have a difficult time with foot wear in the Spring. Perhaps it is my all or nothing Gemini personality, but I am either flip flops or boots kinda gal, especially when it comes to leggings. I have a love hate relationship with flats, and while I have occasionally found ones I love, it is few and far between.


//Scarf: Urban Outfitters //Jacket: Anthropologie //Shirt: Nordstrom Rack //Leggings: Lululemon //Boots: America Rag //Bag: Express//

Transitioning from Winter to Spring, makes it doubly hard, because my toesies want to be free to frolic in opened toed shoes. With Spring being more like mud season, that makes it hard, so I typically stick to my boots, until it reaches sixty degrees then hello flip-flops!


The Look 

Together, this is one of my favorite Spring looks I have been rocking this season. It is colorful, comfy, AND suitable no matter WHAT the weather. (except when it snows, but we are not even going to get into THAT)


The pairing of the salmon color with the emerald green, is something that was originally outside my comfort zone. Both colors alone are stunning, but together they pop complimenting each other, reminding me of a garden, and who doesn’t want to walk around resembling a garden? Especially when it snows (right NOT going to discuss that!)


I let the shirt and the jacket do the talking, adding my staple sea glass tassel necklace, some hoops, and my lobster Cuff bracelet, as some low key bling. I keep my blanket scarf around for those days when the weather is in a frigid mood, and to finish the look I added my navy blue cross body so I could be hands free when exploring.


While it isn’t crop tops and flowing skirts, I cannot help, but feel a bit more Spring like with this look.


How do you layer in the Spring? What is your favorite seasons to transition from and too?