Wanderlusting: 36 Hours in DC

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Train Travel

Some how I always end up traveling at the most ludicrous of hours. It is like a compulsion, let’s see how Katie can torture herself with as little to no sleep as possible. That is how my trip to DC began. Heck, I think it has become tradition at this point.


At 5:50 AM, (yup, not even flipping six o’clock!)My fellow jetsetting blonde and I hopped on the train for a whirl wind 36 hour trip to DC. Despite the early hour, and having not had many sips of my coffee, I was pretty chipper, much to the annoyance of everyone but Sarah and the train conductor. (Hey it isn’t anyone else’s fault I decided to torture myself with this hour)


It is a three and a half hour trip and it went by quickly as Sarah and I chatted the whole way. If the ride is under four hours, I usually prefer to go by train, as I don’t have the hassle of long security lines and I don’t have to worry about luggage. Since we were only going to be there for thirty-six hours, we packed light.


Washington Union Station

We arrived at Union Station at 9:20. It is the headquarters to Amtrak and is the second busiest train hub in the country. It is also the prettiest train station I have been too.


I actually thought it was similar to Penn (which is a hell hole) as the platforms were filthy and smelly. As we rode the escalators up to the grand concourse, vaulted ceilings, Grecian pillars, and white marbled statues greeted us. The floors and walls were gilded in the Baroque style and it felt like we had arrived in Rome rather then DC.


The architecture and Grecian feel extended to the outside facade of the station, which also had vaulted archways, and were lined with sconces. It was just a taste of the DC architecture which has a heavy neoclassical influence.


Morrison-Clark Inn

We grabbed an Uber and made our way to the hotel. Going in prime Cherry Blossom season, many of the hotels were booked, but I had found a cute historical Inn, that was located in downtown DC.


Morrison-Clark Inn was originally two townhouses both built in 1864, by David Morrison and Ruben B. Clark respectively. They were home to some of Washington’s most prominent citizens until the Women’s Army And Navy League bought both houses in the 1920’s and merged them into one building creating a club for active military personal to stay on their visits to DC.


In 1987 renovations began to convert the club into what is now the Morrison-Clark Inn, while it expanded in 2013, the Inn has kept the historical charm that makes it such a beautiful and unique place to stay in an area that has been heavily commercialized.


It gives you the intimate feel of a boutique hotel, while having vast amenities like a full-service restaurant, gym, bar, pool, and even a stunning courtyard. The staff was incredibly accommodating, even offering to take our pictures, several times.


We checked in and dropped our bags in the room. I was ecstatic when I saw the toiletries were all Bath and Body Works.


Back in high school, Coconut Lime Verbena was my jam and I was ready to run off with them.


An interesting feature just adding to the history, was that all the light switches were low making them the perfect height for me.



Sarah found a cute vegan and GF cafe for breakfast that served smoothies, sandwiches, AND waffles. It was such a cute cafe, melding the historical with the modern, something I found DC did not only quite a bit, but well, creating the most unique places.


At first glance it seemed more like food to go with limited seating that faced out onto the street. Yet, the staff were incredibly friendly, and even brought our food out to us.


What made me fall in love with this place (aside from delicious food) was an adorable nook, that could have been taken out of Beauty and the Beast.


Flowers and water were perched on an old fashioned cabinet and above were books and even a model ship. Sarah and I were obsessed and took a gazillion pictures.


Not only was the decor adorable, but the food was excellent. Sarah got the mango waffles and I got the berry ones, both served with whipped coconut cream, and mine had cocoa nibs, and almond butter.


They were so yummy! I could have gone back for lunch and dinner.


A Detour

After breakfast we made a detour to do some shopping because it was freezing out despite it being April. We stumbled into Forever 21, which looked like they were doing a major overhaul, but Sarah did find a sweater and I found some cute earrings.


We didn’t realize until afterwards, but we were in the midst of shopping central. Leave it to us ladies to find the shops. I was also in for a major surprise, because guys, DC has Peet’s!!!


We decided to grab some coffee before going adventuring.

Did I mention DC has Peet’s!?!?


Have you been to DC? What is the shortest trip you have taken?