Wanderlusting: Peet’s in DC

“Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees.” ~ Rohan Marley

For the Love of Peet’s

If you followed my San Francisco adventures last year, you know how much I LOVE Peet’s. I legit could eat, sleep, breathe, and make love to Peet’s coffee. Aside from Sarah, who as my fellow jetsetting blonde has been along for the caffeinated Peet’s ride, Mack is my partner in Peet’s loving coffee crime and she understands that as someone who lives on the East Coast, the struggle to survive without Peet’s is a daily struggle.


Peet’s is a predominantly West Coast coffee brand, though you will find them occasionally at airports, and in the lobbies of Capital One Banks. They are few and far between here on the East Coast, and New York only has two, one in the Kimmel Center at NYU and the other in the above mentioned lobby of Capital One in Union Square. While I can quench my cravings occasionally for a Havana Cappuccino, they are not a true Peet’s coffee shop.


Peet’s Spotted

Like any good coffee junkie, I had researched local coffee shops in DC yet somehow Peet’s never came up. Imagine my shock and awe as I was sitting in Fruitive, and I spotted a woman walking with a Peet’s cup. I started hyperventilating and I think Sarah expected me to jump from my tipsy stool and run out to give the woman the thirty degree to know where the heck she got that cup o’ joe!


I restrained myself, barely, but I did pull out my phone and start googling. I discovered there was not one, but MULTIPLE Peet’s locations in DC. Twenty-three to be exact! Twenty-Three people! I was in Peet’s heaven!


Peet’s buys Caribou Coffee

A predominately Midwestern company, Caribou Coffee had the market on caffeinating the DC Metro area until 2013 when Peet’s made the fabulously smart decision (now when the heck will they buy a coffee chain in New york?!?!) to buy their stores and convert them into Peet’s.


DC-sonians rejoice! My caffeinated run’s on Peet’s heart grew about ten sizes when I heard, and when I discovered there were five in walking distance? Poor Sarah could barely contain me!


All the Peet’s

I have no shame in admitting that I shunned all other coffee shops, (there was even a Starbucks nearby) and in the thirty-six hours we were in DC, I had five large Havana Cappuccinos.


No shame people, Absolutely NO shame. It was the nectar of the Gods and I admit a part of me was ready to move to DC right then and there.


Have you had Peet’s? What is your favorite coffee or tea shop? What do you always order?