The Gemini Season

“I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.” ~ Karan Johar

Happy June

Happy first day of June, dear readers! And the start of my birthday month! Which of course means a whole month of festivities, because why, when you get old, should you stick to just one day when you can have a whole week? And when you are approaching thirty, (not just yet peeps, a couple more years.) why not just celebrate the WHOLE flipping month!?!?

Yes, guys this is truly my season and I am reveling in it.


Gemini Traits

Admittedly, this might sound hypocritical as well as truly Gemini-esque, but I am not one for Astrology. I have  no idea what other astrological signs and traits are except that of a Gemini.

And let me tell you, I am a Gemini to my very core. I never realized nor truly embraced it until the last few years. And while some might scoff at Astrology, there really is something to it.

Gemini’s sign is known as the twins Castor and Pollux. They represent the yin and yang, dual personalities. We are both extroverted and introverted, creative and business savvy, talkers as well as listeners, fun and serious. We are a walking contradiction, that first and foremost is always striving for balance. We typically see both sides of an issue (never get into a debate with me, I will talk in circles) as well as the bigger picture and are very fair and reasonable, almost to an annoyance. Despite our sometimes wishy-washy appearance, we are also very Type-A.


I don’t know who this is describing….

A True Gemini

Yup, I am a Gemini in the truest sense of the sign. No wonder I have such a hard time on questionnaires.

Hey admittance is nine tenths the recovery right?

With a Summer birthday, it makes perfect sense as to why I am a mermaid at heart, as well as adore this time of year. This is my happy season, where I flourish and blossom like a dolphin in the open ocean.


Okay now I am just being dramatically corny.

Drama queens aside, I am ridiculously excited for this month and yes, I am even excited to get another year older, but especially wiser. This IS my season.


Getting Older

I haven’t hidden the fact that twenty-seven was a tad tempestuous. And that might be putting it mildly. Break-ups of both the romantic and friendship kind. Mental and physical health, and even the the feeding of my wanderlust soul and career choices were a rattled unpredictable group of conundrums.

And yet, despite all the upheaval and stress, as I approach my twenty-eighth year, I am feeling more confident and certain then I have in a very long time.


While most people make resolutions in the New Year, in true Gemini fashion, I prefer to make them on my birthday. It isn’t just uniquely personal to me, but a true marking of the passing of time and milestones.

Twenty-eight might seem like an obscure number, but then those are usually the ages where life events seem to happen the most, almost like billboards flashing that can not be hidden between more celebratory ages like twenty-one and thirty.

Life isn’t one flat journey, but a series of hills and gullies, mountains and valleys that rise and fall creating a uniquely beautiful landscape. We can choose to stay stuck in the gullies or we can change our perspective and soar over those mountains.


This is our story. This is mine. Some parts are happy, others are sad, but it has all created who I am, and it is up to me to decide WHO I want to be, HOW I want to act, and WHAT I want out of this crazy whirl wind called life.

Each age is a new phase filled with wisdom and it should be celebrated. So I raise a glass not just to all my Gemini twins but also all the June babies out there! Happy birthday and may you celebrate this month to the fullest!


When is your Birthday? Do you identify with your astrological sign? How do you celebrate? How do you feel about getting older?