2019 Christmas Recap

“On Boxing Day, we always go for a walk in our wellies with the dogs, no matter where we are.” ~ Darcey Bussell

Where Did The Season Go?

Hello Dear Readers! I can not believe that tomorrow is New Years Eve! Hopefully we have all recovered from our Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations as well as other vacation week festivities (for those who took the week off) and recuperated just enough to celebrate the last days of 2019 with a bang.


I enjoyed doing Blogmas immensely, and despite blogging for 25 days straight, which let’s be honest was a Christmas miracle in its own right, especially since I cut it close a couple days, Oops, I had intended to post a couple more posts before the New Year.


Alas, life had other plans, and aside from some amazing presents, Santa also brought me a stomach bug AND strep. (actually I think I can blame my brother for the strep!) Thus, this post and others were a little delayed, as I recovered. While I am still not a hundred percent, thanks to continued Christmas movies on Hallmark, and snow days, it hasn’t been as horrible as it could be being sick. I have also been able to do some editing on my novel, as well as work on a new project slash hobby. I also started Christmas shopping for next year because who knows what amazing things 202 is going to bring and I wanted to be prepared!


Christmas Eve

After sharing so much of my family’s traditions and my favorite parts of the season, I thought I would (loosely) recap the holiday and the last week, which growing up in a tourist town, is known as Christmas Week A.K.A the week from hell for many in the hospitality business.


Christmas Eve was relatively relaxing. I know a lot of people wait to do last minute errands, but for me it is the reprieve from the hustle and bustle, before the craziness of ripping open presents and going from one activity to another on Christmas Day. Everything is done, save for the hanging of the stockings and throwing of reindeer food which we do in the evening.


We had my nephews and niece in the morning. Originally we were going to go ice skating again, but because it was so warm, we decided to nix that idea. No one wanted to spend Christmas Eve with hypothermia! Instead, I went for a run, while my brother took the kiddos to get donuts.


When they returned, we had an “Epic” lightsaber battle downstairs much like we use to do as kids complete with my niece knocking a vase over. Don’t worry, it didn’t break and I think she was channeling my sister who years ago knocked a vase down with a soccer ball. (that also didn’t break) It was fun passing on memories and tradition of activities we use to do when we were there ages.


Once we exhausted the lightsabers, and may or may not have had one to many misses, coffee was needed. Instead of going to Starbucks, we decided to have a Frontside date. Mama, was craving a much needed maple latte and the kiddos wanted hot chocolate! Deciding to go all out, it was Christmas Eve after all, we grabbed ice cream. It was unseasonably warm, so we ended up sitting outside to eat it.


The day had flown by and it was time for my Mom and I to get ready and go to Christmas Eve Mass. Unfortunately, in all of the hubbub, or perhaps because I was already not feeling so great, I forgot to grab pictures of me in my Christmas best. I had made an apple butternut squash soup which we had when we returned from mass and spent the rest of the night hanging out, drinking some hard cider and watching Christmas movies.


Christmas Day 

Christmas Day began low-key but soon became insanely hectic. I went for a run, before we had our traditional Slovak breakfast which I legit live for all year. You haven’t had breakfast until you have a Slovak Christmas breakfast. Afterwards we watched Diehard (it was my Christmas present to my brother, not subjecting him to more Hallmark movies, kidding kinda) until the kiddos came back at one, when all hell broke loose in the best way. A185B4A4-4AB8-4F7F-AF75-2AE8CAFB97F3

I have written it before, but there is something so incredibly special about watching kids experience Christmas and Santa. The awe, the excitement, the absolute pure joy, warms even the coldest of hearts. (yes, you Mr Grinch) Christmas is a children’s holiday and when celebrated with munchkins it in turn brings the child out in us.


Santa was incredibly generous to them and had gotten them a hot wheels race track which they spent hours playing. They didn’t even register the other presents until my niece opened one of hers from Santa and discovered she had received the Frozen dollhouse she had wanted for months.


She is at the age where she finally understands Christmas, and she was insanely excited when she opened my present to her which was her very own Puddles. She had been obsessed with mine, for months and I hunted high and low to find her, her own.


We spent the afternoon alternating between opening presents and playing with them. For every one the kiddos opened, they would spend hours playing with them because they were so excited. It was fun to watch, and I also got to enjoy my own presents from Santa who was incredibly generous! I got a coveted Alaina Marie tote in algae, which I had been wanting for months as well as some Melsy’s Prints, a piece for my village, much needed Lush products (including my shampoo! Hello clean hair) and a pillow I have been wanting for awhile among other things. Santa did good, and utterly spoiled me!


After dinner, which had a roast beef the Who’s would be proud of, we went down and had a Nerf battle with all the new toys (including some Avenger-esque nerf guns courtesy of moi) my nephews and niece had gotten. We then had Christmas cookies, and watched Home Alone (for the last time!) I was exhausted and not feeling the best though I chalked it up to playing with the kiddos and helping my Mom with preparations.


Boxing Day And The Last Couple Days

I woke up on Boxing Day, extremely sick. Stomach bugs are something I actually rarely get, but when I do it is not pretty. I ended up going back to bed, in hopes I could sleep it off. I had planned on doing some blogging and last minute recaps of my Advent Calendars and the year, but unfortunately the creeping crud had other ideas and I was down and out.


I did rally to watch my nephews and niece have another Nerf battle, but I didn’t partake in it, though I did help set-up my nieces Frozen dollhouse. I spent the next couple days sleeping. I finally rallied a little bit to meet a good friend for drinks and some food. After not having had anything but toast, I lived on the dangerous side and went all out with Spaghetti Carbonara and espresso martinis, which I did pay for the next day, but it was worth it for the amazing company and much needed good conversation.


I finally began to feel better, just in time to have a second Christmas with the arrival of presents from several amazing friends who legit made my day and are the sweetest, as well as the snow storm of the season, so far, and yes it is STILL snowing.


I can not believe it is New Years Eve tomorrow. (as I already said) I am ready for a New Year. 2019 has been mixed, (but that is for another post, hopefully tomorrow or the next day) but regardless of the highs and lows I am so grateful to all of my amazing family and friends. This Christmas season was truly special as I pushed myself out of my blogging comfort zone and achieved a goal that admittedly at times seem impossible. Never give up loves! I am going to miss the Christmas movies, music, and sounding totally basic, Starbuck’s red cups, but it is only roughly three hundred days until the season begins again! I hope you all had an incredible week and have a very Happy New Years Eve and subsequent New Years.


How was your Christmas? How did you celebrate? What did Santa bring you? 

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5 thoughts on “2019 Christmas Recap

  1. It sounds like you had a great Christmas this year! I’m sorry you got sick on boxing day, the exact same thing happened to me. My brother in law was suuuuper sick on Christmas and I think he passed it onto everyone else haha. I hope we both recover asap!

  2. This recap was so wonderful and hit all the special moments of the season! Love you past all the numbers!

  3. Happy New Year, Kate!! You are so right that Christmas is more of a kid’s holiday & it’s always most exciting to see how happy they get. Love that you guys had a light saber & Nerf gun war! How freakin’ fun! & an espresso martini sounds super interesting!

    I am so sorry you got sick though. 🙁 Hope you are all better now!

  4. Oh no! I am so sorry about the stomach bug- I hope you are feeling much better! I love that your family does the reindeer food tradition- so sweet. That lightsaber battle really does look epic!!! And the passing on of those memories is the most special. <3 That Slovak breakfast does look so yummy! What an incredible Santa Haul too- holy smokes, that tote *allll the heart eyes*. Oh man this post gave me all the feels- it’s so warm and cozy, and I feel like I experienced Christmas with you and your family! Thanks for sharing, beautiful! xoxo

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