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“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” ~ Elliott Erwitt

Pivoting with Photography 

Before I leave 2020 in the rear view, I wanted to share some of my favorite snaps I took in 2020. I may not have travelled as much, gone to exotic places, or fulfilled my wanderlust, but that is okay because some of my favorite images I have taken to date (if I do say so myself) occurred this year. Many of them just an hour or so away from home. Many of them unexpected, but all of them giving me so much joy and satisfaction as I look at them now.

Given the events of 2020, I wasn’t able to meet up with friends, many of whom will usually snap some pics, or even get together with fellow bloggers and photographers. While I already considered myself somewhat of an expert with a tripod and timer, I really had to hone the art, become patient with myself and the environment and at the end of all of it, learned two most important lessons, to be free, because who cares what people think, because you WILL get stares, even in this social distance climate, and to laugh.

Seriously. In true 2020 fashion I had quite a few fiascos, my favorite and most heart attack worthy one being when my tripod with my BRAND NEW phone dropped in the water because it was so windy, not once, but twice. It is okay, my phone works and I just lost ten years of my life, but it was all good…and the pictures were pretty damn hilarious.

Pictures are also a reminder of how amazingly beautiful life is, and when I looked back on my photographs of which their are many as well as quite a few photos that make me ask what the heck was I shooting? I am reminded of how much growth I did in 2020, both personally, as well as professionally. Honing the perfect photograph takes a LOT of practice and 2020 definitely gave me that, it doesn’t help that in the last few months of the year I got a MUCH better camera, so that also helps. This world so stunning even in our backyards and I am so excited to share these snaps so without further adieu here are some of my favs.

Doubling Point Light 

I will be sharing this trip soon, but I did a lighthouse tour in Maine right before the holidays began. It was really the only trip I took of 2020 and was just what I needed to reset. It helped that it was also the perfect social distanced activity.

Camden, Maine

Part of the reason I did a lighthouse tour was because I was driving up to MDI to meet my friend. I decided to break it up and spent the night in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too, Camden Maine. I fell in love with the town immediately and not only took quite a few pictures, but took some of my most favorite photos EVER including these two.

Pine Point, Maine 

There is something so New England about shells and snow, And this was one of those happy happenstances, where I stumbled upon both. The beach was littered with these snow covered shells and I could not help but snap a photo.


I sound super conceited but I am really proud of this picture. I wanted to gift my friend a canvas of her puppy so while she was preoccupied I tried to get her dog Heidi, to cooperate for a photo shoot, and this was the result. I am obsessed! Though I will say puppy photography is NOT in my future.

Coffee and Clams 

Would it really be me if I didn’t do a coffee photo? I don’t think so! And with the clams and snow, I felt obligated to add my coffee cup to the mix for a pic. (or ten!)

Crescent Beach Cold Brews

Another coffee pic. (of course!) I actually don’t like photos of iced coffee, because it just is not as eye catching in my opinion, but I loved how this looked with the flowers. This is also one of my favorite beaches.

Mount Washington

I didn’t really care for how a lot of my hiking pics turned out, but I do love this one from Mount Washington with the observation tower and green door.

COVID Selfie 

I debated sharing this, because while I do take the majority of my blog photos myself with a trusty tripod, I never count them as photography. But 2020 was the year I had to get comfortable doing photo shoots by myself, OF myself and in many ways I actually felt more LIKE myself doing it. A friend asked if I would shoot a bag for his brand, and I was incredibly honored to do so. I was actually pretty happy with how the pictures came out.

COVID Birthday

This was another tripod selfie. With travel and birthday plans cancelled, I decided to get creative and do my own photo shoot to celebrate my thirtieth. It was so much fun to do and I really had enjoyed doing this.

Knots and Flowers

Having to pivot with work, I shot a lot of different kinds of content this past year. It gave me the opportunity to get creative, as well as patient. Some of the images I had in my head worked amazingly, and some of them imploded horrifically. But I learned to have fun with it. This photo is one of the ones I wasn’t sure whether I loved or hated. Getting those earrings to hang was difficult, but it has since grown on me.

Bar Harbor, Maine

MDI is truly a photographer’s playground. I do not think there is a single ugly spot on the whole island. I have visited humorous times, and each time I fall more in love with it. The hotel and gazebo in these photos are two of my favorite things to photograph and never get boring.

Bug Light

I saw so many beautiful lighthouses this year. But two stood out; Owls Head in Owl Head, Maine and Bug Light which is in Portland, Maine. While the views at Owl’s Head make it stand out. The architecture of Bug’s Light is second to none. Inspired by Grecian architecture, it has Corinthian columns which gives it an ornately exotic look, transporting you from the shores of Mane to Greece and I think it just might be my favorite lighthouse.

What was your favorite photo you took in 2020? What is your favorite photo I took?

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