2021 Advent Calendars

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.” ~ Harlan Miller

Advent Calendars

Friends I am officially obsessed with Advent Calendars and this year is no different. Well it is because I am not just doing one, but TWO Advent Calendars. One is the Sephora Beauty Calendar which I do every year, for the last three years or so and the other is a chocolate calendar where I literally get a chocolate a day. Who doesn’t love that? I feel like it is such a great reminder to treat yourself every day, it doesn’t have to be big or grand, but just little gestures go a long way. While the chocolate is nice, I definitely appreciate the beauty calendar alot and so far there has been some amazing things!

Sephora Holiday Vibes Calendar

First up is the Holiday Vibes Calendar from Sephora. This is the third year I have done it, and I still love it. It is a great bang for your buck, especially with what you get. You can kind of anticipate what is in it every year. I mean they do tell you, but that aside, they have staples they put in every year, like bath fizzes which I love, but alas they don’t sell in stores, as well as mirrors, some sort of nail polish and so on. Instead of little doors to open like in years past, this has little boxes you have to remove which I love and makes it even more fun, It also reminds me of Jenga a bit!

They kicked the first day off with red nail polish, and then followed it up with a tea tree stick face masque, which was an amazing surprise and made the calendar worth it in my opinion. Sephora’s beauty masques are some of my favorite! Day three I got a glittery hair clip which is very nineties, and day four was a bath fizz, which as I mentioned I love. Day five was Micellaire Water Cleanser, which again is another amazing deal. Day six was a charcoal nose strip, day seven a shimmery eye shadow, and day eight was another bath fizz. On day nine I got another odd to the nineties with a super soft scrunch. Day ten was an eye liner pen, day eleven was a sheet masque, which I love and today I got a mirror which is a staple in their beauty calendars. All in all I am thrilled and I can not wait to see what the next twelve days bring!

The Chocolate Calendar 

There are alot of chocolate calendars out there, but I chose one from Williams and Sonoma. It wasn’t crazy expensive while still providing a fun sweet treat this holiday season. Like many Advent Calendars (and Sephora’s in years past) they have little doors you have to open, and hone you do a sweet piece of wrapped solid milk chocolate is revealed. And for someone who is not a fan of milk chocolate, it is quite yummy! So far it is the same chocolate, and I don’t know if there is going to be a bigger piece revealed on Christmas Eve, but either way it is a fun little activity to do!

Do you do Advent Calendars? What types do you like to do? 

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