2021 Holiday Gift Guide Compilation

“Make gifts meaningful by putting the time in creating them, whether baking and cooking, or in making arts and craft. It will all have more meaning for the giver and receiver.” ~ Lidia Bastianich 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I am posting this (well technically the computer is as this is scheduled…it IS Thanksgiving after all!) as we may all be stuffed with turkey and pie, or maybe you haven’t even eaten yet, but perhaps you want to get a jumpstart on those deals! We typically eat on the earlier side in my house. Anywho, I hope the day has been joyful, peaceful, and filled with lots of gratitude.

Since the beginning of November we have been inundated with pre-Black Friday deals, and it is now upon us (many stores began their sales on Wednesday) and I am rounding up ALL the deals and ALL the must have gifts! I did this last year, and I thought I would do it again this year! I have been sharing ALL the Gift Guides on Shop.LTK and you can head over there to shop if you wish too.

I thought I would also round them up here on the good ol’ blog for your easy perusal. I have everything from the chef, to toys from Amazon and Walmart, to of course all things Nautical which I have shared the past few days. And you’ll also recognize alot of the names. I have tried to make a guide for anyone and everyone who is in your life, which is no mean feat. I am sure I have left guides out so if you need suggestions feel free to reach out. I’ve also included stocking stuffers, which can be difficult! SO without further adieu here they are! Happy shopping friends!

Coffee Lover

Starting things off with a bang: This just might be my favorite Gift Guide for the coffee Lover. Coffee is my love language and there is no better way to someone’s (okay mine) heart. These gifts from an espresso maker, to a milk frother, to a European French Press, to a stocking of coffee goodness are sure to be appreciated, and let’s be honest, just might make the world a happier and more productive place!

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The blogger slash Social Media Manager slash photographer 

Working in Social Media is not an easy job, and having the right tools is a necessity. These gifts are sure to be met with a lot of gratitude, from a computer stand that adjusts height, to phone holders to the tripod and selfie sticks, to lighting and lenses, these are the gifts that keep giving!

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Gifts for the Mermaid 

y’all know I am ALL about this gift guide. It also features all small businesses which I love, from a blanket created by Sewcialite, gorgeous ornaments, seaglass trees and Capiz Shell chimes, to jewelry by Sea La Vie, they will make any mermaid giddy!

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The Outdoor’s Person

People who hike, or just love to spend time outside always need gear whether it are hot hands or a little bit pricier like a great jacket. North Face has you covered! Sharing both men and women.

First up is the women’s Gift Guide which has everything from sneakers to snow boots, to jackets and snow pants that will keep you warm and cozy!

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For the men they also have snow boots, comfy flannels, vests and of course jackets. As well as backpacks, hats and super sleek slippers slash mules. 

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The Chef 

Perhaps it is because I am a former chef, but I feel like kitchen gadgets not only make the best gifts, but are a must, presents like an immersion blender or Le Creuset pots or even just serving and mixing utensils are always needed. I rounded up some of my favorites, and some people just might even be seeing some of these under THEIR tree!

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Lilly Pulitzer Lover

Y’all know my love for Lilly knows no bounds, so I HAD to make a gift guide! Her designs will certainly add some color to under the tree as well as some chic and comfy feels, from glitzy earrings to a blanket or pajamas. You also can’t go wrong with a bag, backpack, or clutch.

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Lululemon Lover

I mean this could be a gift guide for myself! If you have a friend who is sporty, both indoors and outdoors then chances are they probably are a fan of Lululemon, I love their jackets, and their Another Mile Run jacket is one one of my favorites, both working out and just day to day life. I am also a huge fan of their sherpa lined mittens, and a vinyasa scarf is aways a cozy hit!

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Beauty Gifts

Sephora always has ready made gifts for any beauty lover in your life, and this year they have a ton! From a compilation of Sephora’s signature face masks, to Olaplex’s best selling products to a Sol De Janiero gift box, you will find something for every beauty lover indoor life!

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Walmart Gift Guides

Not only did I round up some of Walmart’s best gifts this year, but many are included in their Black Friday Deals. I feel like it is a staple on here and besides maybe you will find something for yourself! I have two gift guides, the first is for kids, from hover boards, to a Barbie camper, to drones, to the ultimate versatile lego set, you will be a success with the littles in your life!

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The second is for everyone, adults AND kids alike, like this has everything to make the perfect cup of coffee coffee maker, to a robo vacuum, to AirPods, to tv’s, to a trampoline, these are Walmarts Black Friday Deals.

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Amazon Gift Guides

Amazon is another staple Gift Guide that EVERYONE shops at, because it is so easy and accessible, and with the deals this week is it any wonder? I separated the Gift Guides into kids, where I kept it more natural presents from a wooden smoothie making kit, to a wooden play coffee maker to wooden blocks, they aren’t just great gifts, but they are sustainable as well.

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The second is for adults. The popular Frame television is on sale as is this power drill combo, and an air fryer, which is always a hit! There’s something for everyone on Amazon!

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These were my first Gift Guides I compiled this season and are also some of my favorite. Their are some amazing small businesses on here, and many who I have shopped with and will be gifting this season. The first is for Littles and once again I chose sustainable gifts that you won’t have to worry about letting your kids play. From Fair trade stuffed animals, to homemade chemical free play dough to Montessori blocks, your kids will have fun playing WHILE being safe!

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Let’s be real, guys are HARD to shop for, but I really enjoyed picking out these gifts which are both unique like a drink shower holder, to a leather wallet and valet tray, to a dock station, they are functional yet unique gifts.

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This is one of my favorite gift guides, and yes it does have a slightly coastal flair with the resin pineapple bowls and the Sewcialite blanket, but their are also bath products, and of course my favorite Melsy’s mug!

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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers can be hard, and expensive. You want gifts that people will love, and are functional and useful. I did a variety of price points and different ides that are sure to be a hit. The first being Stocking Stuffers for her. Face masks are always a great option, as are make-up sponges, and an eye mask. Ornaments are also a sentimental option and I love my key ring that I stick on the back of my phone.

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For him, I once again added the shower drink holder, as well as Jack Black soap, a tool kit, gloves, and a hat with a light among other gadgets.

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Gift Wrap

After buying ALL the gifts you can’t forget the Gift Wrap! Sewcialite has some of the cutest wrapping paper with an assortment of designs from her traditional shell paper to candy cane shells and wreaths. She also has gift tags that are adorable to mix and match.

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Is their a gift guide you wish to see? What and how are you shopping for this year? Have you already started or just starting? I know asking all the questions! Have an amazing weekend friends! Sending so much love and gratitude <3 

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  1. Thanks for these! My husband loved the tactical pen I got for him from your list last year (or the year before?)! I sent him the link for your chef list – I need a new knife set and block and he hates shopping….win/win!

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