2021 Ornaments

“I happen to love creating handmade ornaments even when I mess up I still have fun.” ~ Hilary Farr

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New Ornaments

Every Year I get a new ornament for my tree. It was a tradition begun by my sister, and one that I have continued as an ode to her memory, and one that always makes me smile in remembrance. We were both figure skaters, and she would always gift me figure skating ornaments. Aside from a few childhood ornaments, I kept that theme up and my tree was predominantly a skating tree. As the years progressed, and I began traveling and really embracing my inner mermaid, I began adding travel ornaments which just so happened to be beach themed, as well as other beach ornaments.

In fact my best friend gifted me a whole bunch of shell ornaments a couple years ago. And last year I got a beach themed lantern that turns on! It use to be that I would go to a Christmas Market (usually in Bryant Park) and buy a skating ornament. But the last few years it has gotten rather difficult finding skating ornaments. It seems I have all of them! Last year was particularly difficult with the pandemic so I had to get creative. And this year it was equally difficult.

This Year’s Skating Ornament

Thank the lord for Etsy, because it saved a girls traditions! I ended up Googling skating ornaments. One of the caveats for getting an ornament is I want to be able to write the year on it, alas finding ornaments that have that can be difficult, but I did find one! It is from a company called Wallace Wood Ornaments, and as the name states they make wooden ornaments. And not just skating ornaments but all sports. I loved the fact that you can personalize it not just with the date and your name, but also the color of the dress and hair. It adds a more personal touch. The ornament is beautiful and despite being made out of wood, quite dainty. It is a perfect edition!

This Year’s Beach Ornament

I actually wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a skating ornament, but I had found lots of beach-esque ones and decided to do one of them with the year written on it. The one I ended up buying is from a company called the Sailor and the Mermaid (which I love the name!) She paints sand dollars as well as uses makes ornaments with decoupage. She is quite creative, and bonus super nice! I chose a simple, yet still stunning water color sand dollar ornament. It might be one of my favorites yet and it looks gorgeous against my new Flocked Christmas Tree. 

Do you get a new ornament every year? DO you have a them on your tree? 

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2 thoughts on “2021 Ornaments

  1. I love your new ornament tradition! Every year I buy my mom and myself matching ornaments. I’ve done it since I moved out and couldn’t always make it home for Christmas.

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