2022 a recap in pictures

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on.” ~ Hal Borland 

Highs and Lows

2022 was the definition of highs and lows, but it was the lows that made the highs so much sweeter, and made me appreciate and savor everything so much more. After two years of not being able to travel, 2022 was the year that I GOT my travel on and it made me so joyful! From New York, to the Carolina’s, Cape Code and Martha’s Vineyard, and even ending 2022 in New Orleans, I got to return to my old stomping grounds, explore new places, and just embrace each and every moment the way life SHOULD be embraced.

Every year I do a recap of pictures, and every year I am finding it harder and harder to pick my favorite snaps. I got to take so many beautiful photographs this year. I was blessed to see exquisite sunrises and sunsets. I got to see stunning architecture and ALL the lighthouses and flowers. This year I also experimented more with taking pictures of people. As someone who has always had issues with the camera and have had to learn to overcome that phobia, I strive to show a person’s beauty and I WANT them to feel INCREDIBLE about themselves. I never want them to look at a picture I have taken and cringe. I want them to see them as they are and with their soul shining through. And this year I was blessed to have friends let me photograph them, both new and old, and while I don’t usually share pictures of people, one of them did make the cut and it just might be one of my most favorite ones! SO without further adieu here is my favorite snaps of 2022

One of my first photos of 2022. a gorgeous sunrise on Mount Desert Island


Taken at Marshall Point Lighthouse, it was my small tribute to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.


As much as I hate the cold, walking along the beaches in Maine during the winter you find so many hidden treasures like this blue crab.


Spring time is filled with new beginnings and nothing is sweeter (except maybe Christmas) then in New York.


Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, and to visit a peony farm on my birthday was heaven!


I’ll never tire of taking pictures of boats.


Or sunrises.


Or window boxes. Martha’s Vineyard was a delight when it came to Window boxes especially in the fall!


An iconic moment in New York, one I never tire of either.


By far one of my favorite pictures of 2022, and an example of resiliency in New York.


My attempt at being creative. It isn’t perfect, but I sure love how it came out.


Honestly pictures do not do this justice, but by far one of my favorite lighthouse locations.


Another iconic New York scene, this time the quintessential Christmas moment.
By far one of my favorite pictures of 2022. It was a huge honor to photograph Tevin


What is your favorite snap I took? Did you take lots of pictures this year? What was your favorite memory? 

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