A Beginners Guide to Blogging, Photography, and Influencing: Tips For Creating Content and Over Coming that Content Block

“You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope you are having an amazing day, as well as a fabulous week ahead! The weather has been glorious and I am obsessed! From living the patio life to beach days, I am soaking up ALL the sun! I am also excited because things seem to be getting back to normal which is sooo needed! I am seriously ready to live my best life (as cliche as it sounds) and am setting plans into motion! Watch out Fall 2021!!!

It has been awhile, but I am back with another (long over due) post about blogging, influencing and everything in between! I have gotten a lot of questions about my content. Everything from creating it, to time management, to how I keep it fresh. I felt like it was an appropriate topic to tackle since, well I haven’t been feeling so fresh the last few months.

Content Creating Blocks

In fact I not only had writer’s block, but what I dubbed content creating block. I know it isn’t a thing, but it should be! I felt like I was at a stalemate with my brain!  It has only been the last couple weeks that I have finally begun to feel creative and inspired again and darn does it feel amazing!

Before I get into it, I do want to say that friends it is NORMAL to have creative blocks, whether it is writing, dreaming up fresh content, or whatever your creative soul is attracted too, you can’t be “on” 24/7. If you are, you are a super hero and please tell me your ways. Kidding. Kinda.

While yes my muse tends to visit when I don’t want her too, (like 3 in the morning) sometimes she does take vacations. And other times life just gets in the way.  have bee dealing with the latter. It has been sapping ALL my energy, and because of that, I haven’t had the aptitude to focus on anything else, except the boring day to day. And let me tell you it has taken all I can to survive THAT! Unfortunately it honestly becomes a vicious cycle, because that ALSO saps the creativity juices. All of that, combined with the fact that we have been in some sort of lockdown for well over a year, like the battery on my phone, the creative juices are depleted.The battery life is at 5%.

Pulling yourself out of it

Honestly, there is no perfect remedy to getting your mojo back. For me it have honestly been a combination of things, including medication. I know come January, I tend to get into a slump anyways. It is cold, dreary, and the days are still way to darn short. I have learned to be kind to myself and give myself more TLC during these months. It was harder this year, because I still couldn’t travel, nor could I switch my office up, because coffee shop dining is still restricted. Combined with dealing with personal issues it was especially tough this year.

Even though it wasn’t warm, I still took myself to the beach for some sanity (and looking like a snowman) Thankfully, it has gotten warmer and with it comes thing like patio dining, going hiking, and being able to sit actually sit at the beach and NOT get frost bite. Restrictions have also lifted and I have now been able to really change my scenery. As much as I love going to the beach, sometimes you have to switch up which ones you go to, even if it is your favorite one! That is what I did last week and what a world of difference it has made!

Content Creating Days

One of the biggest comments, not even questions, but comments, I get, is that I am at the beach every day. Oh my dear friends how I wish that were true! In actuality, I am typically working for a good part of the time that I am there. THAT is where I create my content mostly. (I am Live in the Nautical after all) And yes ALL those outfits of me at the beach? They were shot on the same day, probably even in the same hour. And since it was winter and everything was shut down, yes I can add being a contortionist to my resume, because that is what I had to become when I was changing in my car. It was amusing, kinda, until I bang my head or pull a muscle. You want to know how unlimber you are? Change in your car!

Anywho when you work for yourself, even if it is a side hustle, and especially if it is your main gig, you have to learn the art (and it IS an art!) of knowing how to utilize and manage your time. Time management is EVERYTHING irregardless of whether you are a Content Creator or not and having a day where you just create content is a great way to time manage your skills, especially right now, which is usually what I do. I will take a one day out of the week to go shoot and create content.

Plan and Schedule and Plan Some More

My days of shooting content are not set in stone. I don’t go out and shoot on “Mondays” per se because of something called the weather. I am lucky that my schedule is flexible enough, that I can adjust according to Mother Nature’s mood swings. (and she has been a mood lately!) Planning your days out, but also being flexible is not only a time saver, but can help you be more cohesive with your content. I have managerial days (yes friends it isn’t all trying out new products and dressing in clothes) along with being creative, and I will switch back and forth depending what the week brings.

Planning not just what work you are going to do for the week, but also the content you plan on posting is also important and adds to the cohesiveness not just your day to day, but also your social media feeds. Admittedly, I kinda suck at this last part at least on my personal feeds. It is a process, but their are sites that can help you with scheduling like Planoly (not sponsored) so it is easier.


Remember to be authentically you. Honestly this can be the hardest thing to do, because it is human nature to compare and internally compete with others. It is easier said then done especially when you see others getting higher engagement numbers, or their are “Trends” occurring. (which happens ALOT) BUT as long as you are yourself, that will shine through and people will gravitate towards you. It truly is a marathon not a sprint. And while some may have “Viral” posts, it is about sustainment and longevity, not being that trend or a fifteen second reel of the day. You want EVERY post and video to count.

It is hard balancing authenticity, with what “Sells.” But I am strong believer that as long as you are yourself, the right people will not only follow, but engage, AND stay around for YOU. It is definitely a struggle, but all creatives go through highs and lows. Hang strong and rock who YOU are loves! <3

What are. your thoughts? How do plan and create content? Is there anything you want me to talk abut in my next post?

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3 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide to Blogging, Photography, and Influencing: Tips For Creating Content and Over Coming that Content Block

  1. ‘You want every post and video to count’ that’s so important! I loveee 😍😍😍 thank you Queen this post is so helpful and will bring such great advice! Especially the content creating days! Love love love 🙌🏼 you look beautiful and I’m sending you all the love Goddess. You’re amazing!❤️

  2. I’m glad you’re able to get out and about now, lovely, I know how much it SUCKS and kills creativity to be stuck in the same place! These are fabulous tips – I definitely find having content creation days super helpful xx

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