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Waking up this morning I was a little perturbed at the weatherman, after the gorgeous days of sun and 50 and 60-degree weather they had the audacity to say that it was going to rain and be cloudy! (The only consolation was that the temps were going to 70!)

Now maybe I have been spoiled, after all the White Mountains got pretty much zilch for snow fall this season

Or maybe I, like thousands of others, just want the sun and tans (Cough faux tans of course cough) to be able to wear our cute sundresses and shorts (Hey guys like the warmer weather too!) and embrace the carefree summer days.

So when I heard this news it was disappointing,

Of course being the fashionista that I can be, and being a Pollyanna (My advice go to IMDB and look it up, it is an Ollllldddd movie! And no I don’t have pigtails! Anymore) to the extreme, I of course, looked on the bright side of a said cloudy day.

I got to wear my Hunter Rain boots, and use my nice colorful umbrella for the first time since moving here.

See when all else fails fashion can always cheer us up…. Or maybe just me.

Of course after being exhausted yesterday (have you ever moved to a city?) I didn’t really get to do a run in Central Park.
So this morning I knew rain, sunshine, clouds, 100-degree weather, tsunami, end of the world according to the Mayans, (you get the idea) I knew I had to run. My body would hate me at first –which it did- but it would feel better afterwards- which again, it did. And of course as I was getting ready did I have to worry about getting drenched in the pouring rain and having my first New York rain shower since moving here? Of course not!

The weatherman, surprise, surprise got it wrong. So as I took off across seven avenues to reach the park and made my way up that hill. I was once again reminded why I love New York so much.

People can say what they want but unless you have that drive, that city love and feel of culture, they really won’t understand.

I know people will tell me that I can get nature in the White Mountains, which is true I can, but that is also all I can get.

Here in New York It is a combination of everything. And maybe I won’t be hiking any four thousand footers, but if you look hard enough, the city does have those hidden treasures.

As I ran over that hill I came upon the Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy reservoir, a mile and half run along one of the bodies of water in Central Park. And an incredibly gorgeous view of the Plaza hotel (Eloise anyone?)

To be able to run along that every day, to be able to have nature just blocks from me, is an adventure in of itself. Maybe it isn’t the White Mountains but it is something more. It isn’t naturally made per se, but most of the park is made out of a desire to conserve and leave part of the city untouched to cars, and pollution, and the noisiness that goes constantly around the outskirts of the park.

The stigma that New Yorkers have as inconsiderate is absurd, you need only look at the park and know that, it isn’t out of apathy, but a busyness, that makes them seem like they don’t care about the world.

As I have started on this yoga journey I am constantly reminded how small the world is, we live in. How small and together we all are.

I have had so many incredible people help me to get me where I am, and most of them have been New Yorkers.

We only have to look at ourselves, and ask ourselves, how we are perceived to tourists, to truly appreciate how people are.

Tonight I take my first class at Pure East (I am more familiar with Pure West) and as I offer my practice up, I offer it and honor this incredible city.

Make it or break it, believe it or don’t, this is a city where anything can and does happen, and it is don not as individuals but as New Yorkers.

Namaste peeps <3

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