A Christmas Recap

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Mine was absolutely incredible, yet pretty low key as I spent it with family. Their was such joy watching my nephews and niece take delight in the magic that is Santa. They fill my heart with so much love and the excitement they had was truly special.


Buh-Bye Svetlana 

I flew home last Tuesday.


Alas while it was great to be home, Svetlana’s (My computer) Hard drive bit the dust. I have been without my trusty sidekick for a week as it is being operated on at the computer hospital. Thus keeping up with everyone’s posts, and posting my own has been a wee bit difficult. I admire people who can write on their phone because I certainly can not. Thankfully my Mom (Thank you Mommy Sutton!) has an iPad, while it still isn’t ideal, at least I am not slacking completely.

Because of my computer situation, I have not been going to my local coffee shop, and getting my fill of maple lattes.  The withdrawals have been strong!


The week before Christmas

The days flew by as I helped my parents get ready for Christmas. I also spent time with my nephews, the elder of my brother’s kids was so excited to see me, and literally wanted to spend every waking moment with me!


My heart absolutely melted.

I played outside with them in the snow, had a Starbucks date, and even a nerf war.


My mom and I got our nails done and my nail tech who is so incredibly talented, did trees with rhinestone stars on mine. I love them! They are so festive.


My brother and I went to see Star Wars which wasn’t bad, but I completely understand the mixed reviews. It was bittersweet to see Carrie Fisher and it leaves questions as to what direction they are going to go with the next one.

I finally got a Maple Latte on Saturday, as well as finished wrapping for my parents and helped my brother with his gifts for my SIL. #browniepoints


Christmas Eve

I went for a five mile run in the morning, before getting ready for Church. Since I was a little girl, we would get dressed up and attend the Christmas Eve Mass.


The church is always beautifully decorated. I love listening to the Christmas hymns and the recounting of the Nativity. It is such a beautiful way to find some reflection amongst the hustle and bustle and a reminder of WHY we celebrate Christmas.


Christmas Morning

Christmas morning dawned to a legit blizzard. It was snowing hard core which just added to the magic of the day.


My brother and his family slept over, and to see their expressions when they awoke and saw what Santa had brought them was priceless. Their excitement and innocence made the whole day.


One of my favorite moments of the day, was when Carter gave me his present. He and I will have nerf and sword fights, and he had gotten me a sword so we could have even more epic battles.


He was so proud of himself. He and Jackson also got me figurines for my Christmas Village…One of which is a My Little Pony figurine.

They literally kill me!


Breakfast plays a huge role in our Christmas traditions. We are Eastern European and my Mom always makes the traditional breakfast complete with kielbasa and kolache. It was always my favorite part of Christmas, and it remains so even as I have gotten older.


Christmas Day

After breakfast and presents, we relaxed.

Sort of.

Thanks to the foot of snow we got, I ended up doing some shoveling. I had to work off that breakfast feast some how!


The rest of the day was wonderfully low key, my oldest brother came over, we ate dinner, and opened the rest of the presents. I finished out the day with the parentals, watching Christmas movies, drinking some hot cocoa, and munching on some Christmas cookies.

I could not have choreographed a better Christmas if I had tried. It was complete with the people I love AND snow! It definitely did not get better then that!


How was your Christmas? How did you spend it? 

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26 thoughts on “A Christmas Recap

  1. Oh my gosh Carters expressions were and still are priceless. Did Piper end up coming? Or was it just the boys and their dad? We also got some snow on Christmas morning but I guess it moved north and hit you guys. Anyways hope your Christmas went well and hope to see you soon!

    1. They really are! He was so funny on Christmas! Yes they were all there and had a blast!:) awe that is exciting! I don’t remember it snowing on Christmas in forever! Thank you so much definitely hope to see you soon!😘💗

  2. The chair photos of you are so cute. The ones of you holding a mug💕 Also that green dress😍 Gorge. How special you had snow? It’s been double figures here so no snow just rain sadly. Although today has turned cold. The nails😍😍 I looove them x

    1. Awe thank you so much sweets! You are the absolute best! Thank you! It is an oldie but goodie from BCBG and perfect for the holidays!:) I can not remember the last time we had a white christmas so it was incredible special! Awe that stinks! I hate when it rains during the winter makes everything that much more bitter and dreary. I hope you get some snow soon!:) thank you so much! They are so much fun!💗😘

  3. This sounds so absolutely magical! I’m glad you had such a lovely christmas. Also, I completely agree with you – I don’t know what kind of voodoo people who can type on their phones use, but it’s totally beyond me! <3

    1. It really was! Aside from the shoveling, (I mean I DID wish for it! Lol) I LOVED that it snowed! Thank you beauty! I hope your was equally if not more lovely!
      Girlll right?!?! Like WHAT is their secret?!?! I have so many typos and I am just replying to comments. They need to do a class or something! 💗

  4. Woweee it sounds like you had the best Christmas! And your Christmas Eve outfit is insanely gorgeous, you beauty! I can’t believe you were lucky enough to have snow on Christmas Day, I’m not jealous at allllll!!! I haven’t had snow on Christmas since forever! I know we’re in January now but this post has made me feel so festive I want to watch a Christmas film! Ahhhhhh x

    1. Thanks sweets i really did! Awe thank you! I love it! It is an oldie but goodie from BCBG. Right? It was the first in years! Hahaha. Well if it helps, it sucked having to shovel it;p Hehe girl, I was so bummed when they stopped playing Christmas movies and music. I think the season needs to be extended to four months;p <3

  5. Good! It’s a gorgeous dress, love those faves you keep in your wardrobe and never grow tired of 😍 Yeah we had snow in December for the first time in years so that’s something, but still waiting on snow on Christmas Day! Haha bless you, that’s the only downside to snow but think of it as a good workout after all that Christmas dinner 😂😂😂 agreed I keep going to sing Christmas songs then I’m like oh no! It’s not Christmas anymore! Roll on November 😂😂 xx

    1. Awe thank you beauty! Right? They are such staples! That is awesome! I don’t remember the last time it snowed on Christmas. I hope it happens next year for you (or this year? lol)!:) So true! It really is a workout. I was preparing myself for all the Christmas cookies! lol.Haha girl yes!!! I seriously have the Christmas Blues! So sad! lol. <3

  6. Still cant believe you had a nerf war WITHOUT us! Hmph! I guess we will just have to have no mercy next time were up there 😛 ! And it is a good idea to do nerf wars in the snow because its easier to find the bullets! Anyways yea! We will have to ambush you sometimes 😛

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