A Coffee Addicts Love Affair with Cold Brew

“I can’t imagine a day without coffee. I can’t imagine!” ~ Howard Schultz

I first fell in love with this velvety smooth made for summer beverage a couple years ago at a tiny unfortunately now defunct coffee shop. Yes that is right, years before Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts jumped on the coffee percolator.


Of course, as with my luck with most delicious coffee havens, I bid adieu when the cafe closed and moved on. Then two years ago, Trader Joes came out with their own ColdBrew. I was ecstatic at first. Until I realized it wasn’t the same. Gasps

I know! Perhaps it was because I had to pour the coffee and add my So Delicious Vanilla creamer to it myself (Everything tastes better when someone makes it for you after all) so I once again gave up on cold brew and said hasta la vista.

Fast forward to the crazy hitting the big chains. Being the coffee junkie that I am I decided to give it a try, Why not? As a writer I spend my life in coffee shops anyway. So I decided I would take a chance on Starbucks Cold brew.

Holy Party in the mouth! They were not joking about the smooth sweet taste. It is my new summer addiction!

Alright now what is the hype about cold brew? Cold brew is coffee that is steeped cold up to a day if not longer (varies on who makes it). Smoothing out the bitterness, and creating a delightfully strong taste that coffee brewed hot and then turned cold loses. It can take awhile to make (at least fourteen hours though usually Twenty hours) and a lot of places do run out of it, because of the high maintenance of making it. Add to the craze that Starbucks and Dunkin’s have created, well I recommend getting to your coffee shop early, especially on hot summer days to try this delectable drink.


I usually get mine with milk and vanilla in it. Deliciousness!

Are you a cold brew aficionado?

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