A Fashionista’s Must-Have Sweater

I was in Boston doing a little Mother’s Day shopping with my sister-in-law when I stopped at Lulu. As a member of their R & D program, I get a discount, which can cause more danger to my bank account, then it actually saves.

I am obsessed with their Wander Under leggings (and no they aren’t see through at least the ones I have!) and their bras are second to none, even beating Victoria Secret’s athletic and pink lines.

If I was a millionaire I would own every sweatshirt they make including this Define jacket in green stripes I am obsessed with:


Every so often they make something I am obsessed with and I wish they would make more of, like the Triumph tote circa 2011 which I own in both black and fuschia (You know the bag you see me with in msot pictures? THAT is the bag) Or a big chunky wool scarf also circa 2011 that had a hood and buttons and was called the Hickey Hider scarf. (what a name!) Actually, now thatI think of it, most of my favorite Lulu products were made in 2011. Lord I feel old!

As I walked into the store, my eye fell immediately to this sweater, other wise known as the Resolution Wrap. And I fell in love.



I am about to sound sacrilegious as a fashionista, but I don’t own a handbag or even the traditional wallet. I own totes. And credit card pouches. Actually confession time, I use the pouches I get my Lulu gift cards in to hold any cards, cash, or loose change.

Many times especially as I run to the studio or to do errands, I just slip my debit, ID, and metro card into my pocket and that is that.

So while I would love every sweatshirt Lulu makes, a pet peeve of mine, especially with the Scuba hoodies, is that they don’t have zipped pockets. And some times a girl has just got to stop, drop, and do yoga. So paranoia about my cards falling out of my pockets, isn’t far from my mind if the jacket doesn’t have zippers.


The first thing I noticed about this sweater, was that it had pockets. And they zipped! Score!

It was soft, like Brookstone Nap Collection soft. Made from bamboo and cashmere, I felt like my nephew with his blankets. It was also long. As someone who has some junk in the trunk, I try to be conscientious, especially when I wear leggings. Short sweaters and leggings? Not a good look on anyone!


// Hat and tunic: Anthropologie // Sweater: Lulu Lemon // Scarf: Nordstrom // Flipflops: Reefs //

The thumb holes, a staple to any Lulu jacket, help keep the sleeves down and add another layer of coziness. It also comes in three colors, black, cream, and purple. I ended up buying it in black and cream.

Actually, another disclaimer, I bought the cream, then went back and bought the black two days later in Manhattan. While my piggy bank might have started squealing, it was money well worth it. I have worn them literally every day. Alternating of course.

They are also perfect for traveling. Comfy and cozy, they kept me warm on the train. All in all I am incredibly happy with my purchases. I just hope they make them in more colors…or maybe not if I want to take pity on my bank balance.



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