A Few Of My Favorite Gifts To Give

Christmas is my favorite holiday because you spend time with family. I love the decorations, the music, and buying gifts for people. Everything about Christmas is the best. Jessica Sanchez

One of the reasons I love this time of year so much is the gift giving. I absolutely adore giving gifts. I love shopping for people and getting them something that is unique, but still know they will love it. I love wrapping the presents in beautiful paper, and decorating the boxes with ribbons and bows. I love seeing their faces as they unwrap the presents and the excitement on their faces when they realize what it is.


My sister use to say I always gave the best presents. What she didn’t realize was I LOVED shopping for her and giving her gifts made it all the sweeter. As kids we use to do KK’s which was short for Kris Kringles. Starting in December we would draw names from a hat and then leave small gifts for each other, culminating with a huge one on Christmas Eve. Somehow my sister and I ALWAYS drew each others names. (no we didn’t cheat Okay fine we did!) I loved leaving surprises for her, and would even go out and buy other small trinkets in addition to what was in the bag. It was suppose to be a secret, but we always knew we had each other.


I love giving gifts that have meaning behind the product or are owned by a small business. The concept of small business Saturday is one I wholly support and get behind. Many of the companies I have compiled here are small businesses (with the exception of a couple, but we all can’t be perfect) or are companies that give back. None of them are sponsored and I am only (potentially and at no cost to you, if you click on the link) getting a small commission on one. They are just products I love, many of which I have featured on my blog before.


Alaina Marie

Bait Bag clutches are my staple to go to gift and I have featured them several times on this blog. Made of the nautical materials that fisherman use to hold their bait, these bags aren’t just perfect for the mermaid in your life, but also any fashionista who loves a great well made but also unique bag. Made in Maine by a boss babe, they combine my two loves of a locally produced small business and the ocean. The clutches come in a variety of colors and sizes and you can also customize your own, making their one for everyone.



Lush may not be a small business, but it is an ethically smart one. I love that the products are cruelty free and they are always donating to environmentally friendly companies. Their holiday line has some my favorite products that not only get you in the season, but also leave you smelling and feeling good. With a wide range of products from bath bombs to soaps to face masks, Lush has everyone in your life covered.



You guys are probably sick of hearing me talk about O-Venture, but I am not lying when I say this might be an O-Venture Christmas. (spoiler alert!) Already labelled (by me) as the perfect gift this year, the women in your life and even the men are going to love this present. This is the key ring you didn’t know you needed. Worn like a bracelet, the stylish O-Ring makes your keys easily accessible, while freeing up your hands making juggling a million items, including that cup of coffee easy peasy.


Shalant Candles

If you live in New York, this will make the perfect gift! Located in Bryant Park’s Christmas Market (they are working on an online store.) these candles are reusable! Decorated with real leaves and flowers, the center is a candle that once burned you can put a tea-light in. It makes the best host or hostess gift. I am obsessed and I can not wait for them to open their online store, so I can buy them no matter where I live!



Men are difficult. WHY the heck are men so difficult to shop for? This is why Cogliano LeatherWorks makes for the perfect gift for ALL the men in your life. While they have totes and products for women, (which I have written about here) this one man business offers a wide selection of products from desk pads, to coffee sleeves, to valet trays, that will have YOUR man set this holiday season. Every thing is made by hand with quality material, and because it is a small business, your experience and gift will be that much more personable.



This might sound a little ambiguous, but legit gift cards to Starbucks, Peet’s, or better yet (I know Mack is saying better then Peet’s!?!?!) your independently owned coffee shop (that is NOT Dunkin Donuts!) make the best (okay maybe just for me) present. Everyone loves a gift card, and with 64 percent of American’s drinking coffee, and 159 Million Americans drinking tea (which is the most consumed beverage after water) this a present everyone can use and will love.


Nerf Guns

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This wouldn’t be MY gift guide if I didn’t include nerf guns. It has become a tradition in my house to get my nephews, nieces, (we don’t discriminate and they do have an awesome pink bow I got my SiL) and some adults nerf guns. In fact a couple years ago I got everyone in my family (including my seventy-five year old dad) a nerf gun. Every time I go home, my nephews want to have nerf wars. Nerf Guns are legit the best present you can give, not to mention bonding experience. They are fun, entertaining, and they even have Marvel ones! (I want the Spiderman one ahem Santa!) And if the Nerf Guns don’t work out, I have also been known to get them lightsabers. Adults love me.



Parents, grandparents, that aunt or uncle you have no idea WHAT to give them, pictures whether it is of your mug or maybe a little less overt like travels, is a sure fire way to be a hit. Especially for the people who have everything. Photos don’t have to just be in a frame, you can do an album, or even put it on a coffee cup, or make a calendar. It is sentimental and you might even get the waterworks started.


What is your go to gift this season? DO you give serious or fun gifts? 

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9 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Gifts To Give

  1. auw… so nice of you to give and spread the joy. The shops mention and the gifts looks great. I also think, it is better to give something that is usefull and the people will love than just some gift which will never use. It will be waste of money.

  2. No wonder your sis always conspired a bit to draw you as her Santa — you are a truly gifted gift-giver! I was intrigued by the keyring-bracelet, but after scrolling down a bit further and seeing your *epic* photo I changed my mind to Avengers Nerf Queen. Hope your time with your family is lovely, dear lovely Kate.

  3. Aww I love that you and your sister always “drew” each other! When you know someone so well that you can choose the perfect gift it is far more exciting than receiving!

    Ahh how I love Lush & the O-Venture is on my own personal Christmas list!

    Anddd Peet’s is for SURE the best gift ever! Seeing that gift card in the picture gives my heart a little flutter <3 Omg I am obsessing over this picture of you with the nerf gun. Too cute! Shutterfly is such a great idea too! They always have the best discount codes too.

    Thanks for sharing, girl! xoxo

  4. I love gift giving as well! It’s so exciting to think about how I can surprise my family and friends with just the right thing that I know they’ll love!

    I’m sure your family loves getting your gifts because you have some amazing ideas!

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