A Fun Girls Day in Maine

On Monday my friend and I went on a true adventure Maine style. Exploring everything from Light Houses to State Parks and of course, the ocean. We beach hopped, walked and walked working up such an appetite that we had to end the day at my favorite Maine taco joint. We even tok a little side trip to Nordstrom Rack. After all, with it being only a couple miles away, it would have been a crime not to go.


Two Lights State Park and Light Houses:

We began our very early morning day at Two Lights State Park. Being the early morning risers we were some of the first people there. Walking along the gorgeous dirt trails that go along the million of year old rocky shore just above it, Listening to the waves crashing against them. We ventured out onto the rocks, and being the rebels without a cause that we are, we refused to heed the twenty foot rule to stay away from the water and frolicked in the waves taking pics and channeling our inner mermaids.


We then drove the half mile up to the light houses and walked along the beach and rocks, even finding some sea glass! With the tide low, we could venture much farther out then usual.

My friend had heard me chatter about the Prouts Neck Cliff Walk and wanted to check it out. Not to get to ahead of myself, but as we walked towards it there were many cars looking to walk it and no place to park.

So we decided to park at Scarborough Beach, lounge there before we attempted our excursions.


Scarborough Beach:

Having driven past this hidden gem hundreds of times, I had never been. Lord have I been missing out!

This beach is clean, quiet, and quaint. It truly is a hidden gem. While it has a large parking lot the beach isn’t as  big as one would think. You have to walk in through a narrow path with brush and board walks, reminding me of a Hawaii, New England style. The beach goers are more wholesome, families and older people giving it the feel of private beaches rather then the craziness of more populated places. Though I have to admit the people watching wasn’t nearly as good compared to Old Orchard. The rocky coast off in the distance also aded to the charm of this beach.

The only downside is the public restrooms just so happen to be enclosed port-a-potties which was pungent to the senses. Oh well Can’t have it all.

After getting some sun and even taking a dip into the extremely salty, yet freezing Atlantic. (Seriously it is August shouldn’t it be a little warm?) We attempted the almost two mile trek up to Prouts Neck.


Prouts Neck:

The walk actually wasn’t that bad. It took us a half hour and part of it was up hill, though incredibly scenic. Walking past the renowned Black Point Inn and Prouts Neck Yacht Club, you could see the boats mooring off shore. It was also surprisingly cooler, despite the elevation gang not being that extreme. Reaching the Cliff Walk we meandered along exploring and even venturing out onto the rocks. It was high tide so we couldn’t get that low, but it was still worth every drop of sweat for the views.


El Rayo Taqueria: 

If their is a food that I love (aside from ice cream) it would be tacos. I love tacos. There are two places that are sell your kidneys worthy and one just so happens to be in Maine. El Rayo Taqueria. It is a party in your mouth! The guac along is worth the moolah and their barbecue pork tacos are incredible! After our almost five mile trek we had worked up an appetite and there was no place more delicious, better AND that screams summer then tacos. We had happy, sated bellies when we left the restaurant.


Nordstrom Rack:

Our last stop was a must. The Nordstrom Rack in Portland, Maine is one of the few I will venture too. It is clean, organized and their are always people there to help. It is total one eighty from the one in Union Square. My friend convinced me to try clothes on. In her words: “Well since we are here.” Since we were there, yup I definitely decided to try things on. Confession time: I Hate, Absolutely hate, abhor, detest, any negative word you can think of, trying on clothes. But I got to admit it was and of fun with my friend.

Shopping is definitely ALWAYS better with a BFF.


I had surprising self control. With being on vacation, and wanting to take some other trips, I didn’t buy anything. I almost did. They had super discounted Reef flip-flops, but alas didn’t have my size. It just wasn’t meant to be.

The day was a busy smorgasbord of fun. Once again Maine endeared itself to me nestling another piece into my heart. Some day this city slicker just might decide to become a Mainard. A bungalow on the Maine coast sounds just like heaven.

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    1. Missing you too beauty! Haha I did! And I went back yesterday too! I am actually planning some new adventures so if you and I are ever there together again we can have some new fun! Miss and love you! <3 <3 <3

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