A Good Friday

Success! Pure and utter success!

My flight was a little bumpy coming in, (it always is flying into Portland!) and I hate it! Ce le vie though.

It was hysterical because my brother’s GF had a sign waiting for me. And what was more was we had both dyed/changed our hair!

Oh that is right Small Town Asanas, I am now a red head! We do have more fun then blondes, just the plain ole truth!:)

Anyway we caught up as we* drove the hour and a half home, (she is a true sweetie! I don’t know what I would have done without her!) and because I wasn’t going to the church until 6:30ish we first stopped at the club, and surprised my brother!

The expression on his face was priceless, He just stared (I think the red hair got him to…..I think he thinks the city has made me psycho…which perhaps it has…) and then once I told him he just shook his head.

And then we grabbed sushi (my brother proceeded to pump more iron…he has to work on his figure after all) which I had missed. Not that the city doesn’t have good sushi, but I just haven’t found a place I trust, like D-holes.

It was funny because at D-holes (Delaneys for none locals) my mom called, and at first I didn’t answer, but then I got nervous, so I called her back.

And of all thigns do you know what she wanted to know?

If a gift card from a certain store be okay for Rhister (aka Biggest bro’s GF)?

Who of course was sitting right across from me.

And did I mention that D-holes is right across from where I live?

Such a small world…….After all……..

Anyway afterwards we went to Pumpkin’s (aka my biggest brother) house to see my Furbster who I had missed immensely and is still such a big ball of fluff.

We also stopped at Starbucks where everyone was shocked and happy (and maybe a tad bi fearful for their caramel) to have me back. I am their VIP after all. I kid kind of..I might be their VIP when it comes to caramel drizz.

Around 6:30 Rhister dropped me off at the church (which is behind my house…again cue It’s a Small World or Town after all)

Where everyone was shocked to see me.

But no one was more shocked then my mom.

Who unlike what she had drilled into us growing up was quite a bit late.

But it was okay cause the expression on her face was priceless.

Her first words were “I thought you were spending it with your sister?”

Which is what my sister and I might have told her……oopsies. Slipped mind perhaps?

It truly was amazing and a great feeling.

It was also kind of bad, since it was Good Friday, and we were a little joyous at the beginning but it was all good. I am pretty sure God forgave us because my mom was ecstatic.

I will say there was one point where I almost lost it. Okay I did lose it. But I tried not to, but then I heard the words of my friend, who told me before I left that it is okay if I am not strong if I do cry every once in awhile. And in the words of my yoga teacher Warming tears heal.

And I decided to say who the hell cares.

Who cares if people think I am not voer it, or whatever they think. No one is in my head. No one is in my heart or body. What I feel is my own and there is no shame in it.

And for me Easter has always been an incredibly special holiday, because for me, not only is it religious it also embodies all of the Eastern European traditions that my family celebrate.

Not to mention that this time every year is incredibly hard.

Of course there is no need to explain and there is no need to be ashamed. Feelings are feelings and tears are healing. And for me, for the first time in my life, I decided not to be strong, and it was incredibly uplifting in its own right.

Because for the first time I said screw it, I don’t care what people think. Which if that is the case, who knows maybe I will be able to open up about some of my bigger struggles.

In any case last night was amazing.

After Mass and all of my mascara dripped off, we went home and surprised my daddy! Who was shocked, he just kept staring, he had no idea what to think, except he was happy to see me.

And of course both he and my brother need me to do shopping for them today….which I guess it is a good thing I came home because if I didn’t their significant others would be screwed in the Easter Bunny department.

It was nice because this morning I did, yoga and my teacher was ecstatic to see me, it was so different to take her class after being in such a hardcore yoga setting. Not that it is bad, it is just incredibly different. Here they embody the asanas more then spiritual or breathing or any other aspect of yoga.

It was also nice because my mommy also treated me to getting m nails done.

As a figure skater, my feet are bad, as a yogi, my feet are really bad! So they got some needed pampering which was nice.

It is also nice cause I have seen some friends, but I haven’t been scheduling to much. It is nice to just spend it with the parentals some one on two time.

It is amazing but I have been here less then 24 hours and I have already learned a ton, it is nice and refreshing in a way. I kinda feel like I made the right decision.

Happy Holy Saturday everyone!
Namaste peeps <3

*By we obviously I mean her. Lets just say I got in the car this morning and it was scary!!!)

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