A Life Update

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” ~ Jane Austen 


Here is another episode of “What in the World Has Kate been up to?” Since coming back from California, I have been a bit AWOL I know. Life has been absolutely crazy, and part of me misses California with all my heart. It was such an amazing trip with perfect weather, that my mermaid heart can’t take the cold dreary temperatures. All that said I have been a busy bee traveling a ridiculous amount to other places. Thus I have been slacking in any non-essential not-work related writing. And reading all your fabulous blogs? Fuggedaboutit. I apologize in advance for all the spamming of likes and comments that are to come in the very near future as I catch up with all you beautiful souls. In the meantime here is some highlights of what I have been up too, most of which I will be elaborating on soon.


Just two days after I flew back from San Francisco, I went to see my cousin who was guesting for former New York City Ballet soloist Tom Gold’s company for the CUNY Dance Initiative.  It was the perfect escape from Snow Storm Stella, as well as get to catch up with my family AND support my talented cousin who has made a name in her own right in the ballet world.


Brattleboro, Vermont

Just four days after I flew home from California, I took the train to Albany and then drove with my Gemini twin to Brattleboro for my friend Krystal’s shower. What an adventure!


Despite it being beautiful out, my train was four hours late! Then we proceeded to encounter some crazy drivers, making me eternally grateful to Amanda for driving me. Seriously, one guy had some serious road rage and proceeded to drive right into a parked car. On purpose!


Once we got to Brattleboro, we helped set-up and then grabbed some grub at a local brewery that also happened to have some specialty GF items. Despite being a minuscule town, all the restaurants I went to that weekend were GF friendly. I was in food heaven!


It was such a fun weekend, and so great to catch up with people including the Bride-To-Be who was quite fashionable!



The review is coming, but after waiting patiently for this show, my man friend and I got to see Eliza Hamilton herself and it was so worth the wait. I loved the show!


Wedding Fun

It has been the month of love! The week after Krystal’s bridal shower, I went to another friend’s wedding out in Queens. Unfortunately it was bit chaotic getting out there, due to a train derailment (thankfully I was traveling well after it happened so was not there) multiple trains were cancelled to and from Penn.


All is well that ended well though and I made it, slightly out of breath, but with plenty of time to witness the happy couple say their vows, and then partake in the fun. I loved catching up with friends, and making new ones.


How cute is she? I seriously wanted to snatch her up!

Beauty and the Beast…Twice! 

Not going to lie I have been fan-girling over this, since I found out they were making the life version….and ladies and gents, did it ever live up to all the hype! Seriously! The first time I saw it, might have been a bout of insanity on my part.


My friend texted me while I was traveling back from Vermont, to ask if I wanted to go to a late night showing, opening weekend. Despite lack of sleep, and a shit ton of things to do, I said yes.

After all, even when life is crazy you have to have “me” time!

I am so happy I did! We went and saw it at the 84 and Broadway AMC theatre which translates to the comfy seats! It is a modern day miracle I didn’t fall asleep, but it was so visually captivating, that I wouldn’t have been able too.


So much so that this past week iI saw it again! If you haven’t seen it, GO. Now!


Again review to come, but last weekend, I was in Montreal to celebrate my friend’s Bachelorette. Oh. My. Lanta. I think I am still recovering! It was so much fun! I am truly blessed to have these peeps in my life and the amount of fun we have is insane!


We did everything from drinking way to much coffee (But really is there is a thing as to much coffee?) to pole dancing, to treating ourselves to luxury, to seeing one heck of a show to partaking in scrumptious food. It was such a fun time!



By now you will know what I am going to say: Review to come. This past week I was lucky to FINALLY see Anastasia. I have only been waiting two years for this. Holy expletive, expletive, expletive! What an amazing show! It was well worth the wait! I am still in amazement and am itching to see it again!


Friends in Town And Drinking WAY TO much Coffee (Wait is there such a thing?) 

I had a friend in town this week staying with me. While I had class and work, we were able to squeeze in some fun. As well as fuel our addiction to crepes and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee! She has been bitten by the writing bug and is working on a novel which I am so flipping excited for! Thus we sat our derrieres at several cafes I frequent to channel our inner Hemingway and throwing ideas off of each other as we worked on our projects. I am so happy for her. Watch out world it is going to be one kick ass of a bestseller!


Now enough about me, what have you all been up too? As always I love hearing from you! I hope all of you have an amazing week and Holiday and are able to enjoy this beautiful Summer-like weather! <3

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4 thoughts on “A Life Update

  1. I literally LOVEEEE following you on your adventures. I always lurk via insta or snapchat and I’m literally thinking, “where is this girl off to now?!?!” Gosh your life is non stop but full of fun and hopefully (at least it seems so) making amazing memories along the way!!! I cannot wait for your review on Anastasia….seriously one of my favorite movies as a kid and I just pretty much died when I saw that you were seeing it! Lucky lucky girl!!! Ps your hair is looking oh so fab in that photo of you holding the drink in Montreal! Is that another blow out?!?!

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh my gosh you just made my day! It isn’t a blow out (I wish!) I actually did it myself! 🙂 <3
      And awe thank you sweets I am glad! I love following you and seeing your life as well! You aways post the coolest things!
      It really is. I have made so many memories just this year alone! I am truly lucky and grateful for all of them!
      Tomorrow! Posting it Tomorrow! It was ah-may-zing! If/when you come to New York I recommend getting tickets. You will NOT regret it!
      Thanks so much for reading and being you! Your comments always brighten my day! I hope you are having an amazing weekend! <3

  2. I was bummed I had stop reading last week, but now I am back at it! Woooohooo! Katie, I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to reading blogs. I was having serious, SERIOUS withdrawal. Finally I will have free days where I don’t have to study all day long! And I have to say- California misses YOU! So maybe you should just move here, k?! Awww what a fun shower! Your oufit is FAB, per usual. Ahhhh I still haven’t seen B&TB. I need to ASAP. It’s on the list. And no, no, no there is no such thing as too much coffee !(Except sophomore year of college Mackenzie might disagree considering it played a considerable roll in some horrible insomnia, lol. I had no limits on the caffeine). I’m so glad the weather is getting better for you too! No more tundra!

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