A Little December Update

“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” ~ Alexander Smith

Plans Gone Awry 

Totally digressing first sentence in, but I have to say how much I love the word awry. I mean it basically means things going wrong, and who loves that? But at least it makes all the wrong things sound cool and hip. It makes it just a tad bit better. Or maybe that is just me rationalizing.


As the caption of this blogging section states, my plans for December went so awry, I think they did a runner before I even KNEW they existed. I had all these plans of grander, which included doing Blogmas (as I may or may not have lamented a thousand times already). Obviously that didn’t happen. In fact I can not believe Christmas has come and gone and we are approaching the New Year! How the time has flown! And guys next year, (yup talking about the holidays next year) the season s super short! only 27 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Better get our shopping done now!


I might be being a tad dramatic, but I do feel like I haven’t chatted with you guys in a super long time! I was in Charleston, then I went to Vermont, AND then I got super sick (story of 2018), I have fallen behind, horribly behind with blogging. But, slipping it in with just two days to spare here is a little December update (with the last few days of November thrown in).



I have to go ALL the way back to the end of November, when two days after flying back from New Hampshire, I flew to Charleston!



I was in Charleston?!?!


Why, yes, yes I was. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw all of the pictures (well have of them, I started slacking with that to!) I posted. Unfortunately I slacked and have not recapped the trip. (which I will!)  Charleston was amazing, fun, incredible. Legit all the positive words in the dictionary. (is it me or is this turning into an English lesson?)


I am so sad I am back in the dreary, freezing North-East. While Charleston was colder then usual, it was way warmer then New York and I soaked it in.


Also, I KNOW we are done with Christmas, BUT the South knows how to do flipping Christmas guys! I did not see one tacky decoration. It was no Dyker Heights with the tact. Instead it was super elegant while still being festive. If I needed anymore proof I needed to move down there, this trip convinced me!



Just four days after getting back from Charleston, (yes I am always on the go) I went to Vermont for the annual holiday Christmas party my friends throw every year. I took the train to Albany, where my friend picked me up, and we drove the rest of the way, having a much needed catch up.


It was so good to see everyone, have all the laughs, and drink ALL the coffee and eggnog. (the adult kind) These are some of the most supportive people I know and I am so blessed to have their friendship. They are also some of the most talented! We did a Yankee swap (also known as a White Elephant or my fav, Dirty Santa) where we all had to make something (yikes!) or buy locally. (thank you Santa!)


I am not talented enough or maybe I am just to type A and have no patience, but I can not make anything. (sorry to disappoint guys) Seriously, my nephews craft better then I do. I ended up buying a candle from Shalant, but most of my friends handmade things, from a hanging bell, to a clock, to a blanket, to a gorgeous leather book covering, I am surrounded by the most talented people! It is a good thing they are so amazing or I would be green with envy!


Creeping Crud

Unfortunately it went downhill when I got back from Vermont. The next day I woke up to a hundred and four fever. I didn’t have influenza, (thank god!) but I did have one heck of a viral infection that left me severely dehydrated. I was out of commission for days. The kicker? This all happened during finals. How I passed, I have no idea, though I got to say thank god for papers, because I am pretty sure that is what saved my grade this semester!



I think Type-A-ness is an inherited trait, because my cousin and her husband just bought a house just before they got insanely busy with work. My cousin is a professional ballerina, and tours from Thanksgiving to Christmas doing Nutcrackers. Her husband had his work Christmas party, so they had asked if I would take the half hour train ride to Hastings-on-the-Hudson and stay overnight with their pups.


Their pups are the cutest and I of course said yes! I needed to get my puppy fix! I was still recovering from fever, so I unfortunately wasn’t able to be the fun auntie, but I did give them lots of cuddles!


Christmas in the City 

Despite the mother of all creeping cruds, which led to me slacking hardcore, I was still able catch some of the traditional (and unfortunately crazy touristy) Christmas decorations in New York. Despite the crowds it is always insanely beautiful! There is something about Christmas in New York that is absolutely magical. I wish I could have enjoyed more of the festiveness, as it may or may not be my last Christmas as a resident, which makes me so nostalgic! There really is no better place to celebrate the holidays then in New York City!


Back to the (not so) Whites

With all the traveling December flew by. (though it always feels like it does) Before I knew it I was headed BACK to NH for Christmas and New Years. Shockingly the snow we got in the TWO blizzards before Thanksgiving, had melted. I can see grass!


Despite the White Mountains NOT living up to their name, it was really good to be home and see everyone, especially my nephews and niece and celebrate Christmas with the fam.



Side note: Is anyone having issues with WordPress? I get emailed notifications from blogs I follow, yet when I go to comment, I have been somehow signed out and can’t. The only way to comment is through the Reader. Alas I have a tendency to binge read, so I know I have been missing posts. If anyone else is having issues PLEASE let me know! I promise I haven’t abandoned you all. (much!) I just can not comment and it is ridiculously annoying!


How have you guys been? How was your December? Are you ready for the New Year?

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8 thoughts on “A Little December Update

  1. I’ve been having similar issues with WordPress, along with formatting. For some reason, the format that I set won’t apply when updated. I also lost a post altogether because it somehow deleted itself. Oh joy! 😛

  2. Love you 🎄🤶🏻Christmas isn’t over until Epiphany or if you are really hardcore-Candlemas!

  3. I’m sorry to hear your got so ill but glad you were feeling better in time for Christmas, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! December seemed to pass so quickly, I’m sure each year gets quicker haha! Enjoy your last few days of the year and wishing you all the best for 2019! 🎉

  4. Girl you had a busy month! But December just flew, I mean what happened. Christmas feels ages ago already! Hope 2019 is amazing for you darling😊🎉 xx

  5. Aw this was such a fun update!!! I am super behind in blogging world too so I hear ya, girlie. But you were busy having a great time it seems (minus the sickness- I hope you are a million times better now!). No bueno! I have love love lovedd seeing all your pictures!! And those gifts are stinking adorable. What fun & creative ideas! Have a blessed New Year, love! xo

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