A Little Recap: First Week of 2018

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

On the verge of jinxing myself, (again) Ladies and Gentlemen, (I think) I am back in business! That is right! I have my precious Svetlana back. It has been one hell of a week. But before I get to THAT. Let me recap my last week in New Hampshire, because it was so flipping bittersweet, and of course the first week of 2018, which has definitely made itself known. Whether that is good or bad, I am not sure.



I was still feeling pretty crappy, but I was done with being sick and decided to send it a big FU, by rallying, because you know that is always a brilliant idea.

I never said I was a great patient.


I met up with a dear friend of mine and we went to Top of the East, one of my favorite roof top bars in Portland, Maine. Don’t worry it is enclosed! And since we were thick in the trenches of the Polar Vortex, that was a good thing. We ended up camping out there enjoying the gorgeous views, the amazing drinks and food, and catching up. It was one of my favorite evenings!


It was also the day I got my laptop back. Oh happy days!!!! Even if it was short-lived.


I spent the morning at Frontside, catching up on much needed emails, because guys, while I tried my best, near the end, I was ready to throw Mommy Sutton’s iPad into the flipping snow. Except I wouldn’t, because it isn’t mine and I deeply appreciated her letting me use it.


But sweet internet and coffee gods and all that is amazing, I was so happy to get my baby back. The withdrawals were real! Even if like I said it was short lived.


Wednesday I also got a very special request. My brother was driving my nephew to school and he told John, “He would really appreciate it if Auntie Kate would pick him up.” Oh Munchkin! How could I say no to that?!?!

It was perfect since we had a sleep over that night (another must do on his list when I was home!) Which may or may not have included some lightsaber fights.


Did I mention best auntie?


AKA Bomb Cyclone. Or Snow Bomb? Or in my book just an ol’ fashioned blizzard.


It was a day spent in our jammies, okay really me, because my nephews would not let me shower.

We made forts, watched movies, had another lightsaber fight, and of course snow days would not be complete without drinking some hot chocolate. Because the roads were horrendous, my brother and SIL decided to stay another night. The boys (and Auntie!) were ecstatic!



We slowly dug ourselves out, My youngest nephew had school and I had another request for a pick-up. I swear if they asked for a million dollars I would give it to them!


My brother and I went to frontside, which had been turned into a winter wonderland. I also had to make up for all the maple lattes, I did not drink at the beginning of my trip!


It was also Sutton Movie Night spear headed by my SIL and myself. Originally we had planned for a girls night, but my brother couldn’t be left out, and then my parents joined in.


We saw The Greatest Showman which was un-freaking-believable. Seriously SO good! Go see it NOW!


We may or may not have pre-gamed beforehand and afterwards, we went to Bellini’s for some espresso martinis. I had to get my fix there too!



Not much happened Saturday. But Sunday was an adventure! My brother and I went on a “hike” despite the cold weather. Pretty sure after hiking in sub zero temps, I can do anything.


We also went to one of my favorite restaurants in NoCo called Shalimar, for a last family get together.


That last night, I spent with my nephews. Guys seriously they kill me! Someone was a little Po’ed I was leaving, and even more infuriated I had another man in my life, aside from him.


As I was leaving, the older one broke my heart as he ran down the stairs multiple times to give me hugs. I love these little humans beyond belief. I literally can not say no, which is how I may or may not have been roped into coming back in March for the oldest’s birthday. Told you I would give them a million dollars!



After a couple weeks in NoCo; the excitement of the holidays, some family health issues, my own creeping crud, Svetlana dying and coming back to life, many laughs, and of course adventures with my three littles, it was time to head back to the Concrete Jungle.


How has the first couple weeks of 2018 treated you? 

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22 thoughts on “A Little Recap: First Week of 2018

  1. Ah Darn it! We have to get up there soon or somehow you come to us! Hope you feel well soon! And I cant say know to the middle child either. MAYBE the oldest child (hey! No favorites!) but not the middle one and DEFINITELY not the sweet little princess the youngest is. I miss them soo much aaaa lol Loved reading this! (Btw expect our lightsaber wrath the next time we see you!)

    1. Yes I definitely need to visit you guys! Been to long! Thanks! I think so lol. Bwahaha I love you all equally! Awe they miss you! I am so glad:) Haha it is on! And I will win! <3

  2. It looks like a great start to 2018 for you😊 How lovely you got lots of quality time with your family and lots of snow! I love the first picture of you in the bar. You look awesome. Your hair and outfit, whit woo😙 xx

    1. Thanks beauty! It was 🙂 I love them and miss them tons right now! But someone roped me into going home for his birthday lol. Awe thank yoU! I will be doing a post on that outfit eventually! lol. <3

  3. You are a serious bad-ass with that lightsaber! And with everything else you tackle too. So glad you’re on the mend!

    1. Hehe this comment just made me smile! I think lightsabers might be the next chic accessory. Lol. Awe thank you so much! I really needed to read this today! SO much love to you! <3

      1. I think your beautiful smile is *the* most chic accessory. But lightsabers are good too, at least for discouraging cutters-in at the grocery store check-out lane. 🙂 Big virtual hug to you! xx

    1. Thanks beauty! They are pretty cool little dudes. I will keep them! Okay what a I saying I miss them like crazy! I really did! Awe thanks beauty! i is good to be back and finally respond to all your lovely comments! I have missed yoU! <3

  4. I always enjoy your posts so much. It sounds like you had a lovely week to start off the year. The Greatest Showman – omg, I am obsessed. What’s your favourite song from the soundtrack? And you look amazing in that second photo, total glamour Queen! Sleepovers with the fam are always so much fun and your nephews totally seem to adore you. Love the lightsaber pics, I’ve actually never had a lightsaber fight before.. I seriously feel like I’m missing out! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures this year xx

    1. Awe your comments ALWAYS brighten my day! I really did thanks beauty! Right? It is beyond amazing! I have had it on repeat for weeks! I LOVE This is Me. And the rehearsal of Keala Settle’s singing it was unbelievable! What is your favorite song?
      Awe thank you so much sweets! I appreciate that immensely!
      They really are! Awe thanks! I hope so! I adore them so much! Girl you are totally missing out! Come to New York we will have one because you are NEVER to old to have a lightsaber fight! 🙂 Awe thanks beauty! So much love to you! I hope you are having an amazing January! <3

      1. Yaaaay i’m glad to hear that! Me too, I listen to the soundtrack virtually everyday! This Is Me is such a good, powerful song, I’ve not heard the rehearsal version you mentioned? I’ll youtube it. Along with This Is Me I adore Rewrite The Stars and A Million Dreams. They are such beautiful songs. Ok NYC bucket list a lightsaber fight with you!!! Sounds good to me!! You’d totally win though since I have 0 experience 😂 thanks hun and you, have an amazzzing Feb 💖

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic week! I love the concept of a lightsaber fight and all of that snow that I am totally jealous of :’) And I must go and see the greatest showman – I’ve heard so many good things about it which have made me extremely curious. Enjoy the rest of January! Xx

    1. Thank you beauty! I really did! Hehe it was so much fun…I mean really I was just taking one for my nephews ;p The snow was amazing, but now I want summer hardcore! It is SO good! I hope you get to see it! Thanks beautY! I hope you have a great rest of January as well! <3

  6. Who gets the worst blogger friend award?!?! ME me me!! Hhahah. Gosh, how I miss the days of staking out at Peet’s and not missing a single beat on your blog (Insert crying emoji). Oooo I love that quote. TRUTH! RALLY RALLY RALLLLLY!!!!! That was the theme of our san diego trip with being sick hahah. YES. Oh my gosh that rooftop bar sounds like a dream, and you look like a dream! Sheesh louise.. I swear you can’t possibly get any prettier and then whaddaya know. You really are the best auntie!!! Ahhhh I have heard non stop how good the Greatest Showman is. I think DJ and I need to make it our next date night. I have no clue what it’s even about, but everyone says it’s amazing. IS THAT INDIAN FOOOOOOD!!!!?!? My fave. Loved loved loved this. Love love love YOU!

    1. Girl you could NEVER be the worst blogging friend. You are way to sweet! And also you are doing amazing things, that few of us could ever do!
      And awe you are the sweetest! I miss having Peet with you! (Seriously having withdrawals and might just have to fly Delta so I can get it in that terminal lol) Hehe I love that! Rally you did beauty! I am amazed! Also totally stealing your itinerary AND you inspired me to GO there!
      Awe thank you sweets! it really is one of my favorite places! Awe you are the sweetest! And totally just made me blush! Thank yoU!
      Thanks sweets! They melt my heart!
      YOU NEED TOO! I am even putting it in all caps You must go SEE it!!! So good! The music will have you singing your heart out for months to come!
      Yes it is! I LOVE Indian food and Shalimar is SO yummy! Girl we NEED to get Indian food when we get together then! Love love LOVE YOU! <3

      1. Heheh , oh man oh man you have no idea how good this comment made me feel. HAHAH! I will meet you in the Peet’s terminal 😉 I am dying to see it.. maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to convince DJ to go with me! YESSS. Sushi, spa, Indian. We need to start planning our NYC trip so that when time opens up we are good to go!!

  7. What a lovely round up of that week and looks like such a wonderful one too!
    LOVE that photo of you in the snow; wish I lived in a place where we got more snow.
    I am currently learning how to drive, something I should have done a long time ago, and once I pass I will be adventuring all over the place! This most definitely means driving further north up to the mountains and playing in the snow!

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