A Little V-Day Love: Ideas For being Festive Whilst still Not Breaking the Bank

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

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All the Goings On!

Hello friends! Happy, Happy Friday! There are so may exciting things going on this week and this weekend, we are finishing up the first week of Olympics, (and WHAT a week!) it is the Super Bowl on Sunday, (how will the football survive Tom Brady’s retirement?!) we are FINALLy getting above freezing and having spring like weather, (oh happy days!) AND Valentine’s Day is on Monday!

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And while I have never been a huge fan of the latter, I do think the pandemic has taught me to celebrate every moment, even the holidays that may not be my fav. While I have overlooked Valentine’s Day in the past, (irregardless of single and/or taken status) because much like Thanksgiving, you should celebrate love every day, and not just because it is a holiday. The last couple years I have gotten in the spirit of decorating and even donning a heart sweater or two.

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Valentine’s Day Decor

I admit I was never big on decorating, I had two decorating styles, Nautical (shocking) and Christmas (even more shocking), and I would literally only switch my decor for the Christmas season. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate great aesthetic vibes especially when celebrating other holidays. With my lifestyle pre-pandemic, it just wasn’t where I wanted to focus my energies. Flash forward to being cooped up inside for months, staring at the same wall art, and I have come to realize how nice it is to switch up decor, especially for the holidays. My Mom does it, and it keeps things from getting stale.

Last year, I decided to channel my inner Martha Stewart, and created a flocked floral tree, which I loved. It was perfect for Valentine’s Day, and carried us through to Easter. While I didn’t try my hand at any new DIY’s this year, adding simple touches like a Valentine’s Day Chappy Wrap, heart shaped pillows, and a Valentine’s Day mug, were the perfect way to spruce up my space and be festive in the season of love. Honestly blankets and pillows are the quickest and easiest way to change a space while still being cost effective. Stores like Home Goods and Christmas Tree Shops ARE your friends for fun festive decor.

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Valentine’s Day Fashion

Not going to lie, it is ironic I am not a huge fan of V-Day (though it is growing on me friends!) because I own so much red and pink. They really are two of my favorite colors, and while pink is more acceptable to rock year round, red is a little more trickier. Don’t get me wrong, I do rock it and I will irregardless if it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or the Fourth of July. Much like white pants, if you love it rock it. As long as you feel amazing there ARE no fashion rules, except maybe white at a wedding, because that is just tacky.

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That being said, I am all for versatile and sustainable fashion, which is one of the reasons WHY I don’t buy to many holiday looks (Christmas excluded), but with Valentine’s Day so close to Christmas, it is the perfect excuse to re-wear some of your fancy or more glitzy Christmas looks, especially if you are going out for a fancy and romantic dinner. In fact this red dress from Lulu’s which I rocked through out the Christmas season is the PERFECT dinner date dress for Valentine’s Day. It is flirty yet incredibly romantic.

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I also love this red dress which is a little more dressy and classic, but still channeling the color of love. I also love a good heart sweater, and rocking this white and mauve colored one which I have shared before makes it versatile enough to rock year round.

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I hope you all have an amazing weekend friends!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day or get dressed up? What are your plans this weekend? Will you be watching the Olympics or Super Bowl?

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3 thoughts on “A Little V-Day Love: Ideas For being Festive Whilst still Not Breaking the Bank

  1. Happy belated Valentines my gorgeous beautiful friend. I hope your whole life is filled with so much love. And I remember your floral tree omgosh love it. That red dress with the bow detail ahh I LOVEEEEEEE stunning!!! & that mauve heart jumper is so pretty. Love. Have a great day beautiful <3 xxx

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