A Nautical Christmas: 2022 Christmas Mugs

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” ~ Peg Bracken

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My Mug Collection

It was serendipitous last year, because I posted about my Christmas mug collection including my skating mug from Melsy Illustrations, and friends, I didn’t just get a new Christmas mug last year, but I got several to add to what is fast becoming a Christmas mug collection and I love it! I admit I have a vast mug collection from Melsy Illustrations, to places I travel, to Broadway shows I have seen and worked on. But I never truly thought about having a Christmas mug collection (which is honestly shocking) until last year, and now it just keeps growing! Honestly, I don’t know what better time of year to have a seasonal mug collection then at Christmas. With the chilly weather, all I want is tea and hot cocoa, and I have no shame in admitting I want to drink out of cute festive mugs. Good thing I got two more to add to my collection!

Santa mug

The first one was from my brother’s girlfriend who actually got me a mug set, which admittedly is my first if you can believe it. I love the size of the mug which resembles a soup bowl and the plate is so darn cute and perfect to lay a spoon on. But what I really love is how as I am drinking out of it, I can see Santa riding in his sleigh with his reindeer! On the outside of the mug, are scenes from the Night Before Christmas. I adore it form the size and shape to the design, it is perfect!

Blogging Bestie

Friends the beautiful, stunning, amazingly kind, Britt from Southern Lights got me what just might be my new favorite mug! It has the most wonderful time of the year on one side, with an old fashioned car and tree and on the other is the two of us in Christmas sweaters and holiday hats. I absolutely adore it! It s such a special mug from an incredibly special person. Britt is a fellow Hallmark Christmas movie fan and she and I are always messaging each other when our favorite movies and actors are on. This is just the sweetest and most thoughtful present. While I have been rocking this mug often right now because ’tis the season. I have actually used it through out the year. It is always a sure way to put a smile on my face and remind me to be grateful for a great friendship!

Do you collect mugs? Do you have any holiday mugs?

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