A Nautical Christmas: 2022 Christmas Village Pieces

“All the world is happy when Santa Claus comes.” — Maud McKnight Lindsay

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North Pole Village 

Every year I get a new village piece and last year I got not one, but two new pieces! It was a Christmas miracle! Especially because my Mom had a difficult time finding pieces because of the supply chain issues we had in 2021, (remember those?) oh good times.

For those new here, I collect a Department 56 Village called North Pole. Department 56 has multiple villages from Christmas in the City (many buildings are replicas from those in New York and my Mom collects that village) to Dickens Village (A victorian inspired village) to mine which is the North Pole and as the name suggests is super whimsical and all things Christmas! I love it! It is fun to do. I actually leave mine up year round especially as I am not home and don’t get to enjoy it that much! It always brings me so much joy when I turn it on.

Hot Cocoa Shop

The first one I got was actually one I had shared on the blog last year multiple times because it was so darn cute! It was a little hot chocolate shop. I know, I know, it isn’t coffee, but you really do have to make allowances for Santa and his Elves. And this almost makes up for it. It is shaped like a mug and even has marshmallows and a straw coming out of the top! It makes the cutest addition to my village as well as a very sweet treat!

Christmas Cottage

I also got a little Christmas cottage, because after all, when the elves are done working in the work shop, or sledding down the hill, and done sipping their hot cocoa perhaps they will go home and wait for Santa to come. It is super petite, but just as whimsical, as the rest of the village. I love it!

Do you collect a Christmas Village?

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