A Nautical Christmas: Advent Calendar Days 1 to 12

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” ~Edna Ferber
Sephora Beauty Calendar

Not going to lie friends I have been slacking HARD core with this. Not only was I sick, but I am also traveling and I keep forgetting to do my calendar. How could I? I have no idea since I do love that special little something every day! Every year Sephora does a theme with their holiday line and they all go together from face mask sets, to make-up, to their Advent calendar. This year’s theme is “Wishing You,” with blues and even a pop out decal in the front of the calendar. This year’s Advent calendar went back to its roots with little windows you push out and not going to lie, I kind of miss the ease of last years! Pulling the boxes out, made the whole process much easier. It has been hard getting the windows open especially as I am filming it, but I am still super excited each day and have enjoyed the different little gifts, some of which have been surprising and different from last years.

What I have gotten so far

On day one I got a make-up sponge, which is very useful. Day two was a Sephora cleanser, which I love an Duse when I travel. Day three was a little disappointing as I don’t really use decorative tape. Day four was a advent calendar beauty staple with an eye shadow but day five was a surprise with a mascara, that I am so excited to use! Days six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven were also advent calendar staples with under eye patches, a mirror, shower gel, lipgloss, face mask, eye cream, and an eye liner, the last I had to go looking for as it had fallen down, which was an adventure.

All in all, I am excited for my little haul and can not wait to see what the next twelve days bring! I can not believe we are halfway through! Where has the time gone? I also got a calendar for after Christmas which I can not wait to open!

Do you do Advent Calendars? Are you doing one this year?

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