A Nautical Christmas: Blogmas 2022

“Of all the months of the year there is not a month one half so welcome to the young, or so full of happy associations, as the last month of the year.” – Charles Dickens

Officially Blogmas! 

Happy Blogmas Friends! To quote Elf “Santa’s coming!” And it is officially Blogmas, or as I have called it the last couple years, “A Nautical Christmas.” I am so flipping excited! I feel like I have waited all year for this. I have definitely been ready since October when I put the tree up! Yes, I did put it up that early! One month or twenty-five days really isn’t long enough! I feel like you get everything ready, then you blink and it is here and gone already.

I personally want to savor this season because it really is so magical. I feel like in a lot of ways it is a reward for the hardships of the past year and a reminder that everything does ebb and flow. It all is temporary, from those hardships, but also the joy, and we need to cherish those moments as they all make us stronger and more appreciative for life. Embrace the seasons we are in. I am definitely going to embrace this season, as it is my favorite!

I am so excited to bring you all things holiday cheer from holiday clothing, to festive places to visit, to my beauty Advent Calendar, to traditions and so so so much more! I am actually super excited to be traveling once again during this holiday season, (eek better have my posts lined up!) and from New Orleans to Vermont I can’t wait to share all the Christmas cheer! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! My instagram has already gotten into the spirit of things, because I just could not help myself, so go follow me there if you haven’t already, as I will be posting day to day Holiday fun. ’tis the season friends and I am SO happy to take you along! I hope you have a joyous season! Sending you all so much love!

What are you looking forward too this holiday season?

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