A Nautical Christmas: Christmas Cards

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.”~Agnes M. Pahro

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Mailing cards out

It is actually fitting this is being posted today, because I just got around to mailing my Christmas cards! I know, I know! I am slacking, but having had pneumonia as well as dealing with some family emergencies all the preparation I had done and thought I was ahead of the game, well it has finally caught up with me. And while I am not behind, I am not ahead either. Oh well. As someone told me they could aways be New Year’s cards and that is very true! They could be! But I especially love these cards this year and after slacking the last two, I wanted to mail them.

I always hand write cards which honestly is kind of hilarious since I have the WORST handwriting (and when I am taking cough medicine it is even worse!). But there is something especially personable about writing out a card and adding those special touching notes to my family and friends. It isn’t just a generic Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, but actually meaningful connection which I think is so incredibly important. And I get it, people are busy, heck I barely got mine out this year. But for me it is important to add that special note. So, yes, shit handwriting and all, I hand write each card, because I want to make sure each person knows how special they are to me.

Melsy’s cards

Y’all know how much of a fan I am of Melsy’s Illustrations. She is so insanely talented and I adore her prints which are high fashion and glamour. From mugs, to prints, I love them all and I finally got her Christmas cards which I am obsessed with! They come with five of her most popular holiday prints, “Oh Christmas Tree” “The Winter Door” “The Holiday Light Show” “Holiday Best Friends” and “Holiday in New York.” I think my favorite might be “the Winter Door” one, but the “Holiday Best Friends” is a fast second. They are so simplistic especially with the simple greeting of Happy Holidays on the inside, but they are also the epitome of glamorous, and I love how they pay homage to New York, and that fabulousness that is Christmas in the city there. I can not wait for my loved ones to receive these!

Do you do Christmas Cards? Have you mailed yours out yet? 

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