A Nautical Christmas: Shelburne Lights

“Freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin—inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night.” ~ John J. Geddes

Traditions Alive Again 

Every year for the past decade or so, my friends have hosted a holiday get together. We all convene in Burlington and catch up. It is often the only time we see each other and talk to each other aside from updates on social media (which lets face it, isn’t always the most accurate or informative, nor conducive to staying in touch, like texting or calling are) and occasional texts. In some ways the last two years were a gift because we ended up having weekly and monthly zooming dates and staying in touch way more frequently than we had prior. In fact, we even had our Christmas party over Zoom. While there are pros and cons for both, this year we once again got together in person (with the biggest hugs!) and it really did feel amazing!

After the party we always do something festive and fun, whether it is going to a concert, drag show, holiday pop up, seeing Bad Mom’s Christmas, something! This year it was the holiday lights at the Shelburne Museum and they were absolutely magical. I admit I am a sucker for anything Christmas and christmas lights! And these did not disappoint! It is only the second year they have done them. And I wholeheartedly enjoyed it!

Shelburne Museum Lights 

The Shelburne Museum is 45 acres of landscaped grounds and comprised of many buildings, most of them historical, and many having been moved to create a one of a kind experience. The museum itself is the largest cultural arts and historical center in Northern New England. They even have a lighthouse which was originally located along the Colchester Reef in Lake Champlain. Just feet from that, is the Ticonderoga Steamboat which use to sail between Vermont and New York. The whole museum is a fun unique experience.

As much as the museum is fun, we were here for the lights! As I mentioned, this is only the second year they have done this, and they did a spectacular job! They had a pathway you followed that was lit up, and went through out the buildings, many of them were open even at night. They had strung them in the trees reminding me of the way they do the lights in the Spanish Moss down South especially in Jekyll Island. They had just fields of lights over the rolling grounds. And even bedazzled the Ticonderoga Steamship in white and blue lights. They even put lights on the ground, to make it look like water. They had a butterfly garden that was just stunning. They also had shops and of course Lake Champlain hot chocolate!


It was such a fun adventure and something different but so magical. Nothing is better then seeing Christmas lights this time of year, especially in a new place. As kids we would drive through out my small town looking at all the decorations and as an adult, I still love doing it! It really does bring me so much joy!

Do you like going to look at Christmas lights? Where is your favorite place to go? 

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