A Nautical Christmas: Starbucks holiday Cups Ranked

“Christmas is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness.” ~ Mo Rocca

Starbucks Red Cups

Y’all know my obsession with coffee and how I am rarely without a coffee cup in hand. I even shared my Christmas mug collection which might be bordering on an obsession. But I have failed to share the prop that is in mine, and every basic girl and content creator’s arsenal this time of year; The Starbucks Red Cups, which could really be called their holiday cups since they aren’t always red anymore. (which is alright In my book!) I wait all year for these babies, and get so excited when they come out with them! I feel like the holidays officially start when Starbucks releases them and since they always release them the first Thursday in November, (not that I know that or anything) I feel like the holiday season really does begin with them. I love getting my White Peppermint Mochas (far superior then the plain peppermint mocha) and other holiday drink flavors they come out with. While they didn’t really release new drink flavors this year, their cup game was a-plus!

This year not only did they come out November 3 (never to early friends!) but we didn’t get two or even three different Starbucks cups. No we got four! And I decided to rank them, because yes, not all Starbucks cups are created equal. Just look at the controversies through out the years with them (which in my opinion was just silly!) I am ranking them from my least to most favorite designs.

Aqua Blue cups with snowflakes 

Or are they stars? Is it a bird? kidding on the last one, but I don’t know what exactly the design was suppose to be, which is why it is my least favorite. It is a cute design, whether it is a snowflake or a star, and I do love the aqua green color, but I want something that screams Christmas just a touch more, and that I maybe actually know what it is.

Red Cups with White Christmas Trees

Now we are talking holiday cheer, and this is a pretty classic design. I do love the simplicity, and it isn’t going to clash with any holiday clothing (no offense to the aqua!). And if this was a design in a different year, it would probably have won hands down, but they created, in my opinion, two better designs.

Red and Green Design

Starbucks said the inspo for this was a present and I can see it. It does look like a present with the colorful green ribbon details going up and down the cup. It is actually similar to a design they had last year, which happened to be my favorite of 2021, but they elevated this in away that is better. I love this design and I love the colors. It is the epitome of Christmas-y.

A Holiday Louis inspo

Alas there is still one cup that has far out shown them all; what I deem the Louis Holiday cup. I LOVE this cup. It is different from their previous Red Cups, and as I mentioned, it definitely reminds me of a Louis Vuitton bag but only Chrstmas-y and with coffee! I have been taking pictures with it and would love a mug with this print on it. It is whimsical yet still classy! It also doesn’t hurt that it totally matches my holiday nails (which wasn’t intended!) I just love it and it wins the Red cups of 2022 in my opinion.

What is your favorite cup design this year? What do you drink at Starbucks?

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