A Nautical Christmas: Unpopular Holiday Opinions

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” ~ The Polar Express

Unpopular Opinions: Holiday Edition 

I always love these type of blog posts and I thought it was about time I finally did a holiday edition. People. including myself, are passionate about the holidays, whether it is that they love them or hate them. We are passionate about decorations, (white or colored lights peeps..choose wisely) Christmas movies, and ALL the holiday things. Heck people are even passionate about their dislikes of the holiday! Admittedly as much as I am giving my unsolicited opinions, this is written in all good fun and I would love to know what your unpopular holiday opinions are or just what you think of mine.

Christmas should begin November 1

If not sooner! As a friend’s husband said last year, you do all that work for one month? Let’s celebrate it for at least two months friends! And I know there are people who say that we have Thanksgiving, which in the States we do, but friends, Europe starts the end of October and I think we should follow suit!

It’s a Wonderful Life and a Christmas Story are the worst Christmas movies.

Seriously It’s a Wonderful life is so depressing and a Christmas Story is full of chauvinistic BS that has NOT aged well. They do not give me the warm and fuzzies, nor do I get a ton of laughs out of them, Though I will admit, I did see the new Christmas Story movie this year and it was cute-ish. Admittedly, they just are NOT my type of humor. Give me National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause, or Elf any day!

Christmas Eve is almost better then Christmas.

Yes I said it. Christmas Eve, at least in my family has so many traditions that I just love. It also feels like a reprieve before the madness starts the next day. Most of the presents are wrapped, all preparations that will get done, are done, and you can take a moment to sit and enjoy the tree and all your hard work of the season. I adore it. There is such a peacefulness before the madness of the next morning and ripping of paper.

Christmas is suppose to be tacky

Friends I am the least tacky person. I love an elegant Christmas, or even better a nautical Christmas. BUT, that said, Christmas is also carte blanche to be as flipping tacky as possible. Especially when it comes to kiddos who love all the glitter and bright lights. I mean who doesn’t?

Hallmark Movies are the best.

Are they formulaic? Yes. Do you know how they are going to end? Yes. Are they cheesy? Yes, even to the point they are sometimes cringe worthy. But are they the absolute best? Heck, yes. Sometimes you need escapism and Hallmark Christmas movies are that, I have never felt bad from a Hallmark Christmas movie and if anything I always feel better.

It is a season to enjoy not to be perfect.

I know so many people who get so stressed out and lose sight of what the season is about. It has nothing to do with how many cookies you have baked, or who spent the most on presents, it is about enjoying the moment. Finding the joy in the hustle and bustle, and most definitely the light in the darkness this time of year.

I prefer getting dressed up over ugly Christmas sweaters

I know, I know, people are going to disagree with me, but friends ’tis the season for glam! As I shared the other day, there are so many events to get dressed up for this time of year and I LOVE it. This is one of the few times where you have an excuse to go all out and no one will dare judge you!

Giving is better then recieving

Yes I said it! I LOVE giving presents. I start my shopping the day after Christmas, and get so excited to give people their presents. One of my love languages is giving gifts and I absolutely adore it. Also not going to lie, I really need to work on my receiver skills. I always get so awkward when I receive gifts though of course I am insanely thankful, I just am not use to it. I much prefer gifting.

Do you agree with any of these? What are some of your Unpopular Holiday Opinions? 

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