A Nautical Christmas: What Do I Wear Mimic A Melsy Holiday Edition

“Christmas is a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.” ~ Freya Stark

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Melsy Illustration’s

You know my obsession with Melsy. I love her illustrations. They add a certain pizazz to any room and I adore them on my mugs. They also make amazing gifts, and are definitely a staple with in my gift gifting arsenal, especially with my closest friends. During the pandemic, I was inspired to mimic some of her prints in what I deemed Mimic a Melsy. It was so much fun to do and her prints gave me so much inspiration during those days we were stuck at home. It also gave more inspiration for fashion and styling outfits. While I have mimicked quite a few of her illustrations in the past I realized I had never done a holiday edition one and I needed to rectify that! And what better time to do that then during Blogmas AKA A Nautical Christmas?!

Mimic a Melsy

As I had shared earlier this week, every year, Melsy does Christmas prints which also come in cards and those were what I sent out as my Christmas cards this year. I figured it would be the perfect inspo to mimic one of those prints. With five graphics to choose from, I wasn’t sure which one I was going to do, as they were all equally fabulous, but decided to settle on one of my favorite designs of hers, “The Winter Door.” From the green dress, to the red heels, I was obsessed and it was easy enough for me to mimic.

Shop the look here

The Final Product

I LOVE a great green dress and while I own several, and experimented with a shorter one, I decided to settle on the Broadway Gown from Lulu’s which has a gorgeous voluminous skirt. I had gotten it last year, and knew it would be perfect for the holidays. While it is a tad longer than the dress in the print, I loved the effect of the longer skirt. My favorite part though, was and is the shoes. My red bow heels are so festive and I adore them. Alas, I didn’t have a decked out door, and hind-sight is twenty-twenty for bringing garland, but I decided to make use of a coffee mug and hold the print up. It was still fun and festive and I adore how the pictures came out in this Mimic a Melsy!

What do you think? How do you think I did? Did I nail it?

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