A New England Gift Guide for the 2021 Holidays

“Here in New England, the character is strong and unshakable.” ~ Norman Rockwell

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New England Small Businesses

As a born and bred New England girl I thought it was fitting to share some of my favorite New England brands. Many of them are Nautical inspired, and all of them I have shared countless times on this blog, because they truly are amazing, and amazing to work with. I might be biased, but I feel like New England creatives are truly some of the most creative and inspiring and NICE people out there. Many of these small businesses put an emphasis on customer service, and they go out of their way to make sure we feel like family.

Thought is put into every design and product made and I love that. And I love these brands. Much like my Nautical gift guide, I have shopped with all these small businesses and given them as gifts to friends and family.

Dudley Stephens

I feel like Dudley makes the ultimate gift. Their fleeces are cozy while also being the epitome of chic. They are also sustainable, and eco friendly, having been made out of recycled water bottles which I love. While they have neutrals, they also have a colorful palette to choose from. They are ALWAYS creating new designs and always incredibly innovative. Every Tuesday they do a Dudley Drop. They also only ever produce in small batches, so their fashion footprint is small, while their stock is also on the more limited side.

Chappy Wrap

Another amazing gift, and perfect for those who want to be cozy, Chappy Wrap makes the best blankets! They are perfect not just as a throw on your bed or in your house, but also to take to the beach and use outdoors. They are big, which I love, and heavy, so they will keep you warm! They are also impeccably made, and come in the cutest designs, including holiday patterns.

Alaina Marie

As mentioned some of the small businesses who were featured on my Nautical Gift Guide would be featured here, and Alaina Marie is the first New England Small Business! Established in Portland, Maine, I have had the pleasure of visiting her shop multiple times. (it is adorable fyi, and SHE is the nicest!) Not only can you customize her bags, but she also has a design bar in store which is perfect for bridal, birthdays, OR with the holidays upon us, holiday parties! Her bags are inspired and made from the materials that lobstermen (and women!) use, which make them not only insanely durable, but also super chic.


Another name you probably recognize, but I couldn’t do a New England Gift Guide and not mention my fellow New Hampshirite, Roula! Is it any wonder I love her so much? I mean she does make amazing products, take the most gorgeous photos, and is just over all one of the most talented and creative people I know. But I also love that she is from New Hampshire. It is such a rarity to find New England designers who are also from New Hampshire, and it makes me want to support her even more.

Melsy’s Illustration 

While I first met Melsy at the Winter Village in Bryant Park, she is actually originally a Boston girl, and since the pandemic, has returned back to her New England roots so it is only fitting I feature her here. Especially since she is taking part in the Boston Seaport pop up village this year. She first began designing prints but has since made her mark with mugs, totes, sweatshirts, backpacksornaments and wrapping paper. Her mugs are my favorite and was what I gifted all of my friends last year!

Espoir Boston 

Espoir Boston is a company that was started this year and brings happiness and blooms to people through roses that last about a year, through a careful preservation process. They make truly stunning gifts, and are packaging so elegantly. Nadezhda also just happens to be Melsy’s Illustration’s sister-in-law which I love and I also love how these two women support each other truly embodying women supporting women. Espoir Boston is also at the Seaport Village in Boston this year.

Sea La Vie

I might be a little biased since my best friend is the boss babe behind Sea La Vie, and I already shared her in my Nautical Gift Guide, but as she is Maine based and she makes the cutest sea glass jewelry, among other designs, I had to share her again. She puts so much thought and love into every piece and she is constantly thinking up new designs!

Cogliano Leatherworks

Based in Vermont, Cogliano Leatherworks makes leather goods, by hand. From inception of the design, to the final product, Rich, the owner, designs everything himself. He is passionate and knowledgeable about the different types of leather and it shows in all of his creations. Since he began his business, he has expanded to using other high end materials, and has created gorgeous designs like this Tiffany Blue Alligator Handbag. His valet trays, coasters, desk pads, and wallets make the perfect gifts for the men in your life who are hard to shop for.

Do you have a New England Small Business you love? What are some Small business you are supporting this holiday season? 


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